Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shoes and Doctors!

Today we went for a doctor's visit. Jackson has been really fussy right after I feed him since last week, I thought it might just be gas, but nothing that would typically help gassiness was helping. Sooo, we went today to see what the doc could do for him b/c I thought that it just wasnt normal for him to be so upset after he eats, even if it is just a short lived upset. She thinks its his formula, so we are trying the pre mixed solution for a week and if that doesn't help, we switch to the sensitive formula. Poor baby, I just want him to be happier after he eats. 
I thought I would put in a picture of him from this morning, because today is his first day in shoes. Even the doctor was commenting on how cute he was all dressed in his little polo (way to pick em out Maranda :)) and his khaki pants and shoes. Talk about make me swell up a little, I did something right today.... I dressed him well!!!
On a side note: Jackson weighs 9 lbs and 8 1/2 oz. He has gained two pounds in two weeks!!! His stomach may not agree with the formula but he's eating it up for sure!

Dressed and ready to go.

Caught smiling again!

Im a happy kid.

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