Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy but Blessed

Trying to get a picture of my loved little one is getting darn near impossible. He either wants to scoot away from the camera at rapid speed. OR (the choice he makes the most) grab with his lightening speed hands at the camera to kiss it. Ahh yess he is kissing now!
Really cute
Really slobbery
Really buttering me up.
Yes Jackson you can have a brand new car when your 16.
HA! Not really but there is nothing better than getting a happy kiss from your babe when you get him out of his crib in the morning, after he has been hollering "momma" at you! LOVE IT! Wouldn't trade it for the world, or anything in it.

Because our little busy bee is crawling around so fast, I have rigged my living room for him.
As you can see, he is quite perplexed as to why he cant get out. Well, he was perplexed. That is, until he figured out he could squeeze through where the two couches meet up. Yah, that was a funny experience. He got most of the way through and I caught him (I was actually watching him the whole time, just waiting for him to make the move) boy howdy did he get excited! He kept on crawling through straight to me, smiling, scooting as fast as his little booty would let him. Well, really straight to Dixie but I like to say me. You know, so I dont feel so down about him preferring blondes and all! Oh boys. They will be boys! Speaking of blondes, he really liked when we had the Biggest Loser Finale on last Tuesday night. Right before bed, he got REALLY excited and smiled BIG at Allison Sweeny in her RED dress. Yep he has a thing for blondes in red. Like I said, boys will be boys! LOL! She of course didnt acknowledge him being in the TV and all, but its only the first of many heartbreaks to come!

So we have been busy busy spending time with friends and family and are getting more excited about what this season brings to Jackson. There is nothing like celebrating the birth of a King with a baby of your own at home. It really throws things into perspective and to see Christmas time through a child's eyes is just simply magical. I know he wont remember this Christmas, but I will and I just want him to grow being a thankful receiver and a strong christian man. Its Taylors and my job to teach him these things and it starts from the get go. I hope everyone is spending time being thankful and remembering that it isn't about the gifts, and the lights, and the food, but about celebrating Jesus and sharing that fellowship with your friends and loved ones.
I am so thankful for a healthy baby boy and an amazing husband who willingly and lovingly embraces fatherhood every day. I love watching these two together. They make me laugh and they make me swell up with pride all at the same time.
Great photo of Jackson at the top is courtesy of my oh so talented sis in law Chelsea!

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  1. Hey Lindsey! Cute blog! I love all the pictures of Jackson, you guys are an adorable family!