Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Music, the Dog, and my Roly Poly...

So first off here are the words of a little song I have been singing to Jackson lately. You saw the pictures in the post below so no need to explain why I sing this particular song:

ROLY POLY, eatin' corn n' taters

Hungry ev'ry minute of the day

ROLY POLY, gnawin' on a biscuit

Long as he can chew it, it's OK.

He can eat an apple pie

An' never even bat an eye

He likes everything from soup to hay

ROLY POLY, daddy's little fattie

Bet he's gonna be a man some-day.

ROLY POLY, scrambled eggs for breakfast

Bread n' jelly twenty times a day

ROLY POLY, eats a hardy dinner

It takes lots of strength to run and play.

Pulls up weeds and does the chores

And he runs both ways to all the stores

He works up an appetite that way

ROLY POLY, daddy's little fattie

Bet he's gonna be a man someday.

Recorded by Bob Wills

Vocal by Tommy Duncan

Written by Fred Rose

Now of course I only know the chorus but I think it suits him fairly well, dont you?! LOL!

Here are some humorous videos I have taken over the last couple days. He is so funny and watching him learn new things is just awesome and completely entertaining!

Video 1: Jackson making music

Synopsis: Jackson was banging on the tile floor with his spoon and then picking up his cube with rattles in it. Back and forth making music. So I went to film it and this is what I got. Not quite as talented as he was being, but still funny. Well alright Ill be honest. Its just a cute video of my baby. Thats all. No big deal.

Video 2: Jackson talking to and annoying the dog

Synopsis: Jackson has gotten to where he "talks" to Dixie. Very cute, very loud. Dixie, of course, doesnt respond but he still does it. Alot. So he was talking to her and then decided to crawl on her and annoy her. Dixie being the best dog in the world, is so patient and gentle with him, until he stirs her up......

Enjoy the rest of your week,
9 More Days
Till Christmas!!!!!
Fa La La La La La La La La
Oh and by the way the kiddo LOVES to watch videos of himself, he laughs and laughs at them. So cute! Do you think Ive said he is cute enough? Geez Im annoying myself!

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