Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy 8 Months!

So we are on month 8 in Jackson's life! HOORAY!! He is growing like a weed, eating like a bear, moving like a bee and H-A-P-P-Y!
We weighed him yesterday and he is at 21lbs. We think he lost a pound or two because he is now scooting around like a crazy man. We attempted (I say this loosely) at measuring his height, quite a funny site to behold, and he is around 28 inches. He will go to the doctor next month to get his 9 month shots so we will get the FULL stats then.
Jackson, you are:
~crawling like a champ
~Pulling up on anything and everything, you just want to STAND!!
~Love to feed yourself, so much that you barely let me feed you at all!
~Eat about 20oz of formula a day
~Go after Dixie and her toys every chance you get.
~Are starting to be really interested in the cats tail..he he he.
~Say Momma! HOORAYY!!! I love it, you stand in your crib and yell for me, or crawl to me and say it as you reach your hands up. Makes this ol gal melt like chocolate!
~Clap your hands whenever we say "yay"! (By clapping I mean, move your hands together, havent quite figured out how to hold the palms out and slap them together yet!)
~LOVE corn (like your dad), carrots, apples, bannanas, and pears. Really liked ham the other day too. But the funniest is how you chowed down on spanish rice, pinto beans and tortillas. Makin my heart swell! You also love to eat pancakes in the morning too.

This will be your very first Christmas and your dad and I are so excited about our gift we have picked out for you, but we are even MORE excited about all the goodies Santa will bring you too. You are one loved little guy and when your happy, so am I. 4 more months till your ONE YEAR!! Holy Moly!
What have we been up to in the last week (sorry about the lack of posts!)? Weellll, instead of him getting sick, like I thought he was, he just had a terribly runny nose and teething issues. So I canceled his doctor appointment, and instead got sick myself! HA! Not bad, just an annoying cold. Annoying enough to want to sleep when he napped. THAT would be why there were no new posts over the last week. Our weekend started out with glorious snow!
We had the fire going, hot chocolate pouring and yummy shortbread cookies. I was in HEAVEN!! We spent the rest of the weekend just vegging out and finishing up the decorating. Taylor put up the deer outside, and we just have icicle lights left. Since I wasnt feeling 100% we missed our Sunday school Christmas party :( and believe it or not slept through church on Sunday.
We took Jackson to get his picture done with Santa and it was nothing more than I expected. Him staring at Santa for a while and then finally turning around to us and just staring at us like "Um, who is this guy? And why is he holding me?" Too funny. Oh well, at least he didnt cry. Maybe next year we will get him smiling! He really gets his seriousness from his dad. I think Taylor would have done the same thing! HA!

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