Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Okay so I wont be in denial about this post. This post is long. Very long. Has the last week wrapped up all in one entry. Oh boy. Get your seat cushions and a drink! I will add a side note here: I took a lot of pictures as Christmas began, but by the third house the picture taking had slowed down QUITE a bit! My mom and Chelsea took some pictures so I am going to get some good ones from them and post them later as an add on to this post. Ill let you know when that happens!

We started off the week Sunday evening with Christmas at my dads house. Jackson had a blast opening up his first round of presents. He got a push/ride toy,a alligator piano, some stuffed animals, one being very specially flown in from London by Pop (see below),
a hippo that has shapes fit into his back and spits em out his mouth and a book I enjoyed reading to him. Thanks Chelsea for sneaking this video in when I wasnt paying attention!

Jackson enjoyed every gift! Of course this was after his major blow out of '09 at the restaurant. Who wouldn't be happy getting rid of a mess like that in your pants! Laughing hard just thinking about the two man job it required to change him in a women's bathroom with no baby changing table in it. Oh yah, it was interesting all right! I am super lucky to be married to a guy who is happy to help in tight situations like that.
Jackson kicked off that week with a stomach bug :( I was worried about him bc he wouldnt eat or drink anything. Finally after a 24 hour pedialyte only diet (per doctors orders) he would eat a little formula. He got back to normal by about Thursday thank goodness. Just in time for Christmas.

This Christmas was a special one. For many reasons being obvious, but the most special part of it was that Taylor and I, as a family, got to decide on traditions that were important to us to start with Jackson. This was so much fun, knowing that for many years to come, these traditions will carry on. And on and on and on! You know us ags and tradition!

We were at The Johnston's for Christmas this year. We arrived on Christmas eve after I baked homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies for my new(ish) high maintenance Santa. He was a little overexcited about his debut this year so I indulged. I am NOT a baker (bc I don't follow rules), so I set out to be precise and follow those dang rules. Welp, I accidentally bought milk chocolate chips in my excitement of upping the anti with Ghiradelli (how is that pronounced Maranda? He He) chocolate chips, I wasn't paying attention. The recipe called for semi sweet chocolate chips. So. I didn't follow the rules. And as always the cookies were off. Really sweet. So Santa forgave me and ate one to be sweet. It hurt my heart a little to throw away the rest after a week of no one eating them. Hint taken. Santa will probably be okay with the pre-made kind next year...we could always try again! LOL! Tradition numero uno: failed..HA!
Tradition two: Pose with cookies and milk for Santa: Success!
We all opened a gift on Christmas Eve like we all did growing up. Tradition three: Success! Jackson opened his Christmas p.j.s. I had all intentions of buying "Baby's First Christmas" pajamas, but every-time I found a pair I actually liked, they didn't have his size and time got the best of me... Tradition four: failed but he got snowmen pjs from his Cami and Papa J and they worked out just fine! So Tradition of Christmas P.J.s failed initially but ended up in: SUCCESS!! Christmas morning we all woke up and Jackson was very excited to see the awesome things he got at Cami and Papa J's.

A really cute bird bean bag and a penguin punching type bag with balls in it from Olivia, Madison and John.
He got another push/ride toy, a pop up number thingy, clothes, a super cute hat, more pajamas, and a lion that has balls that fit into the holes and plays music. Here is a video of how smart this kiddo is. After I showed him how to put the balls in, he takes a ball and voila, does it all on his own. So proud!

We had a great time celebrating with the Johnston's and enjoying our time with them. Christmas dinner was delish and it was a very nice visit.
We headed out to my moms after that and had a really fun time there as well. Jackson hit the mother load on that trip for sure! After sorting the gifts it looked like they all went to Jackson and none for anyone else!
His grandma and pa got him a sports trio basketball, football and baseball activity toy. The kid is already dunking like Bryant! Well except for when he tried to dunk a soccer ball and that didn't work so well (picture below). He got a Fisher Price stack'n surprise silly town which makes music and moves the figures up and down.
He got also got ann outfit from his grandparents ( a VERY sharp button down shirt), and tons of attention!
He adores my mom and it is so super cute to watch him crawl to her and talk and smile at her. He lights up every time he sees her. I love that he knows his family and feels comfortable with everyone. No clinging with me when we are around them! He also recieved some books and a light up work bench that you hit the shapes to make them go down from Troy and Chelsea He loves it! Especially the hammer. He played and played the whole time we were there.
They also brought their adorable puppy lab Tess who entertained Dixie the whole time. Thank God for that! Dont worry, we didnt forget Dixie, she got hooked up on gifts too:
3 bones, some tennis balls, and chew toys galore.

From Taylor and I, he got a ball popper that shoots balls into the air, an alligator that shoots across the floor, a singing book, and a driver wheel that talks and makes car noises (Santa picked that one out, go figure!) Plus I gave birth to him so that was a pretty good gift. LOL!

On the way home we stopped in Palestine for a visit with Taylors grandparents Mimi and Buddy. They havent seen Jackson since this summer so they were loving watching him eat and play. It was a short visit but we enjoyed it very much. When we arrived home on Tuesday, Matt and Jordans Christmas gift to Jackson was waiting for us. They sent him an Aggie Nap Mat so he can use it for Mothers Day Out next year.
So excited about that and the best part works. The kiddo took a nap on it at Great Grandma and Grandpas.....I think I am going to get his name embroidered on it soon.
Which brings me to our last stop, where we had a quick lunch and exchanged gifts with the G-units as they are called or Great Grandparents. We loved the visit and look forward to another one soon! Grandma finally got to hold Jackson for a little bit after a few months of holding off from her broken hip. She was itching to get her hands on him. He of course loves both of his great grandparents and smiles and talks to them every time we are around them. It was so sweet!
It was a great week but a VERY long week of being gone. Traveling with a kiddo during the Holidays is WAY overrated.We had to really think about how to make all the toys and luggage fit, plus the dog in the Tahoe on the way home. It was packed! We will do it one more time next year, but with just one stop and then we are staying home for Christmas for a long long time. It just makes things easier! We loved every bit of visiting with all of our family and feel so blessed that Jackson was able to receive so many wonderful toys and fun things. We have many thank you notes to write and for that we are really thankful!

The weekend before we left had some very post worthy firsts, but I will post all that in a few days. Let you have a break between this post and the next! HA! I will tell you it had something to do with teeth, a lip, and scissors...hmmmmm intrigued?

Hope everyone had a blessed and happy Christmas and you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year!

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  1. He is growing like a weed! Matt and I really think he hit a height spurt since we saw him 6 weeks ago!
    Glad he's already accustomed to the aTm nap mat - I just knew he was born to be an Aggie!