Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jackson Is 11 Months Old!!!

In celebration of what the next month will bring, Aunt Chelsea made this awesome blog design for us. I plan on keeping it up through the next month and a good month after that. All in celebration of Jackson's First Bday in one month! Thanks Chels, I LOVE IT!!!

I am sorry I havent posted in a few weeks. I have no excuse except that he is wearing me out and when he sleeps I am either on hyper drive getting housework done or sleeping myself! Mostly sleeping myself though, no lie. :)

Welp, Mister Jackson is 11 Months Old today and just keeps getting better! Just when I think he cant get any funnier, he does. Just when I think he will be done cuddling and want to be more independent, he cuddles up. Just when I think I couldnt love him any more, I do. Every second. Every moment, I am filled with more love. And I AM LOVING IT!!!

Ill save the mostly sappy stuff though for his actual bday message.
Lets talk about how he is rolling these days:
~Still has just 8 teeth. I am at the point now where I will not search to find out if there are any more. I would like to keep my fingers thank you very much. I am also at the point where I realize that I have no clue when they actually will pop on through. He gets fussy, I think teeth, feel swollen, feel bumpy...two weeks later...still no teeth. Hmmmm, think I know? Nope, dont.

~Is getting closer and closer to walking. He took three steps all on his own yesterday. Of course I did have an amazing yellow slinky in my hand he was eyeing. I was not prepared for the sudden burst of independence so no video. And of course he wont do it on command. (Dixie really needs to teach him about "on command").

~He and Dixie are still best of friends. It really is so sweet to see. Slightly unnerving but sweet. They now share everything. Food, floor space, toys, stuffed animals (she has an affinity for a very cute moving duck his granny and great grandpa got him), water bowls, slobber. You get the picture. The food situation is getting so bad, our neighbors have mentioned how "thick" the ol blonde dog is getting and I refuse to be the one to take her to the vet next for the lashing I will receive! LOL. To tell you the truth though, I would much rather her hoover the droppings up than me pick it up myself. I know lazyness, but at least I feed him/her healthy things :)
Here he is treating her with respect and love.
~Has expanded his vocabulary just a bit. He now says "Hi and then the beginning of the word to whoever he is saying hi too" Example: Saying hi to dad- "Hi da ljglkjadgkljfdljsfj" With wave of course. He also now says "kiihhhhh" For Kitty aka Bosco the dangerous feline. Again, do not expect him to do this on command for you. He likes to make fools out of us.

~He is getting shyer as he gets older. When someone talks to him, he bunches his shoulders up and brings down his head. Too cute. Then he smiles a little bit. Now, I can toss him to whoever and he doesnt get upset or anything, but he prefers to bury his head in mom or dads shoulder when people talk to him. You can consider yourself lucky if he gives you a smile!

~Dances all the time now. Any time music comes on or I sing for him he just moves that little body.

~Figured out he can hang off the bathroom counter and kitchen table letting his feet swing. Yah, we nipped that one in the bud quick! I know, mean mom. Whatever!

~Still is eating awesome! Just eats anything really. One morning I was eating a nectarine in the LR with him and he crawled on over and kept trying to grab it. So I gave it to him and that little kid just nawed all over it like it was corn on the cob! Here are some pics of that:

~Anytime we say "Yay" He claps. He waves at everything, and can play peek a boo when he has something in his hand he can cover his face with.

~He is really into his touch and feel books, so much that when he reads other books he tries to scratch the page all over to find a touchy spot! Ha!

In one short month my little man will be One and I just cant believe it. How my world has changed in year! Like for instance it was SO much easier to get pictures when he WASNT moving!! LOL!
Tomorrow I will post about our weekend recaps. We had such an amazing time with bday parties, and working in the yard. Plus a really funny serenading song dinner experience and family photo shoot. Just busy busy, but got some cute pics!

And a sneak peek at one lil picture our photographer sent us that she took for our family photo shoot last week! Loving it and cant wait to see more. What a tease huh? Think how we feel....


  1. AW! He is SO big! I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since we've seen him! They grow too fast!

  2. LOVE the new blog design and header! I'm jealous!

    He's such a cutie!!