Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend of Goodness!

We had a great weekend. Well I suppose I for sure had a great one being done with my near death experience! HA! But for real, we had a really good weekend. Taylor's parents (Cami and Papa J) came for a visit. They got here Friday and boy what a nice relief to have someone help out with Jackson since I was still a little weak from being sick. Saturday we made a trip to the rodeo to see all the baby animals and I think Jackson really enjoyed it. He was so cute just staring at all the animals. He smiled a bit when he saw the baby chicks, and the cow dogs competing.
On a side note they had a birthing center where a pig and a cow were literally giving birth as we watched and it was so cool to see the brand new baby baby animals. The little piggies were adorable and the baby calfs were too cute all wobbly on all fours.
I also must say Jackson looked adorable in his cowboy get up. Thanks Grandma for the cowboy shirt and boots! He got several compliments from strangers! As always!
We bought Jackson a c.d. that I have been wanting to get him. It is a christian children songs cd but the best part is they say his name in it. For instance "Jackson, Jesus loves you.. la di da da" and so forth. He is so funny when we play it, he bobs his head in the car seat like he is dancing. Yesterday we were playing it on the way to church and we turned it down so Taylor and I could talk and Jack got so mad, so we turned it back up and he just piped on down and was happy. Too funny.
We had a great dinner and a nice morning before they left. They got lots of kisses and we enjoyed our visit! A BIG THANK YOU to Papa J who cleaned my kitchen AND sink for me! Love that! (Normally my house is clean and organized when I have people over but with me being sick.. ALOT didnt get done, sink and counters were included in that category :( )
This video is one of Jackson playing yesterday afternoon with his big red ball he LOVES. He gets so worked up and hyper, we just die laughing at him. He was winding down a bit when I got the camera out but enjoy it anyways. Oh and he was wearing no pants bc I just changed his diaper and he took off when we finished so I just left it! He seemed quite happy that way!

Being that this week is Spring Break we have a super busy week getting together with friends we dont normally get to spend time with! I am super excited about that! Will post more at the end of the week! Hopefully we will stay out of trouble....

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