Monday, March 22, 2010

To boldly go where...well, lets be honest...where every kid has gone.

To boldly go.... that, is Jackson. He is sooo close to just walking around everywhere. On his own that is. He is getting more and more proficient at taking two steps on his own here, three steps there, two steps again, etc. Its so funny, you can almost see the boldness and courage swell up in him as he stands proud and locks eye contact with his point of destination, and then he moves that right foot a little, and then the left, (and well, we all know how to walk so I don't need to go on in description). BUT then he does a double take at one of us, or the dog, or just anything that breaks his concentration and the boldness/courage falters. He goes down. Back on his heiney. But so excited he is, that he smiles and squeals with happiness. Super exciting we think. I mean we will even pause the aggie NCAA tournament game if we think he is gonna walk. We are honest though, we at least are completely aware we have a little obsession who's name is Jackson! LOL!

We had a super busy week and I didnt get too many photos. Tuesday we went to the Childrens Museum with Lori, Grant and Lori's neice Makayla. Jackson LOVED the Tot Spot, where he could just crawl around and play with all things. He actually got mad when we left and cried a little bit! Too funny. Because we had Makayla, we didnt stay too long in the Tot Spot, so I am DEFINITELY taking Jackson back soon. It will be even more fun when he starts really walking, bc he can get into more stuff. They have the coolest water set up outside called Water Works and I just know that he will sooo be into playing in the water set up. The weather was cold and rainy so we didnt play in it this time :( It was also PACKED bc it was Spring Break and the weather, so I am truly looking forward to going on a more calm day. Where he can really be free to roam about.
Obviously SO excited about waiting in line to get in..HA!

Wednesday we hit up Gymboree with Kristen and Cassidy for a free music class. I really wanted to try it out bc Jackson dances every time there is music on and he loves his xylophone and he beats everything like its a drum. He did love it and it was so cute, he shook his marracas, played with the rain stick and bobbed up and down when we played music. I think we might join for the summer, mainly bc they have what is called Free Gym and you can take your child whenever you want to play inside their gym. He would love that, especially on the really hot days where I dont feel like going to the pool, but want to get out of the house. So we are going to try their regular gym class and see how we like it! Me trying to get a picture of his St. Patty's Day outfit, was PRETTY unsuccessful. This is much like trying to get a posed picture any day.

Him cheesing at me on my lap.
Us trying to do a pic together and him kissing me instead.
Me trying to get a picture of him standing, so he lays down.
Thursday we had a fun play-date at Maranda and Jakes house. Maranda's mom was visiting to help out a little over the week...because...MARANDA IS PREGNANT!! YAY!!! Due Nov 5. I figured since she posted it on FB I can post it here! LOL, anyways, she has been a little icky so it was nice for her to have her mom around while John was out of town. So we all hung out Thursday and had a nice time. The boys are so funny, its great to see Jackson be able to play a little more with Jake, next year it will be even better. I HAVE to tell this funny thing that happened bc it just made me laugh and I chuckle EVERY time I think about it. The boys were playing and Jake was doing the normal 2 yr old thing and throwing his balls around, well he was warned not to do it again and he of course like a normal 2 yr old, did it again so Maranda took him to time out...but the best part is that while she was carrying him out of the room he was hollaring for his grandma to rescue him "Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Mimi" Sooo funny. I just laugh bc it is so typical to expect the grandchild to get bailed out by the grandma! LOL. Anyways, had to put that in there! Makes me wonder what Jackson will be saying next year!

Friday we met up with Lauren, Riley and Cole at the outlet mall where I got a few steals for super super cheap at Banana Rep. Riley and Cole were like magnets with Jackson, they were all over him and it was so cute, like they were just having a pow wow in Jackons stroller! Of course it could be the cheerios or goldfish, food always gets kids, but who knows!

The best part of the week was that we finally finished painting our LR/DR! AND got the backyard cleaned up, weeded and planted some new flowers back there. THANK YOU to Troy and Chelsea who came and watched Jackson so we could focus on the yard Sunday afternoon. It was so great to be able to just work and get it done instead of having to stop every 30 minutes or so to take care of him. Plus he was quite happy to get love and affection from his Aunt and Uncle who he loves a ton! Pictures courtesy of Chelsea!

Oh enjoy his new trick, trying to climb up things, ANYTHING.
That foot is always hiking up. Sounds bad, but you know what I mean!
So not much going on this week, but excited about getting some party supply shopping for Jacksons bday done this weekend with my momma. Want to get as much done early as possible. I am normally a wait till the last minute and then freak out bc I cant get it all done kinda gal and I just so do not want to do that for his bday!



  1. We're so lame, we didn't take any pictures in music class! Come on Jackson, can't wait for you to be walking!!

    Yay for the backyard work! I have to admit, we're hiring people to come fix ours. After putting in the patio, it's destroyed.

  2. Oh, and please tell Maranda Congrats!!!