Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tired Turkey!

Jacksons Aunt and Uncle bought us this sign....soooo cute!
At the Christmas Tree farm.

Snuggling with cousin Isabella on Thanksgiving.
This video is decieving............

He really is a TIRED TURKEY. Truly. I know I know, you don't believe me, but after two and a half days of go, go, going, and no good naps, this turkey has crashed.
After of course his last spurt of energy.
Which was of course, the jumping in the jumper.
Im not kidding you when I say a last SPURT of energy. This kid jumped, just like that, squealing, drooling, exerting every last drop of energy for a good 8 minutes. I took this video at the end of the turkey day jumpathon. It was HILARIOUS. Really REAlly REALLY funny.
Apparently the turkey drug that induces us all into sleepy comas had an opposite side affect on him.
So what have we been up to since? Well WE (meaning my luver and I) have been decorating, giving our freshly cut Christmas tree some TLC, washing clothes, taking down unusable baby things since our child has outgrown them and arguing over the necessities of Christmas Decorations (him) that we have to take down in just a month (him) and debating the importance of having said decorations (me) for traditions sake (me) and because we have a child now and all (me). Ahhhh Christmas season. Brings out the best in us all eh? And Jackson? Well, today he has been sleeping ALOT! I mean as in, only been awake maybe 4 hours total so far today and its 1 o'clock. Nice huh? Too bad we have more decorating to do. And much to my hubbys disgust, we MUST compete with the neighbors in outdoor light shows this year. Because we have a child now and all. Totally get my reasoning right? HA! He is oh so happy, let me tell you! Maybe this year he will actually listen and check the lights that wrap around the tree first before he puts them up. And then maybe he will listen again before he just puts a random lightbulb replacement in the broken ones spot, thus causing sporatic blinking on 1/4 of our tree. Maybe...just maybe, this season will go smoothly and without stress and without tense unsaid "I told you so's"! Maybe. We can all hope cant we? But through all this, I really really truly pray that I will remember the real reason of the Christmas season. Jesus. Being born. Celebrating his life, that he sacrificed for us, so that we can have all of this and our unmentionable moments and yet still be forgiven. What an amazing gift he gave. What an amazing life he led. How blessed are we to know his story and strive to be more like him. We WILL fall short, but nevertheless keep on trying.

So as this season approaches. Feel free to remind me and others that it is not about money, gifts, lights, decorations, and all that glitters. Its about God, his son, his story. Celebrating love, family, the church, and our blessed life.

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