Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holy Cow...

I cant believe I havent blogged in over a week. YIKES!!! So much to catch up on but I dont want to write a 500 word post....HA....Ill try to make it under 450..but dont count just in case I dont We are crawling, pulling up, and doing whatever we can to keep mom on her toes!
Of course I want the remote, lots of buttons mom!
Ill just stand here and bang some things on the ottoman mom.
You know, to help make the leather softer!
Buddies. Nuff said.
This past week my child has been going from a rocking back and forth on all 4, to this:
So yah, we have been B-U-S-Y!! Dixie obviously was wanting to be the star in the video so excuse the camera shaking...again...Man this kiddo moves fast now, it is crazy how quickly he goes from rocking, to scooching to crawling! I am now a freaking out about germs mom. Have you really looked at your floors lately? I tell yah, get yourself a crawler and you will all of a sudden be disgusted with your house. Oh goodness, I think Im going to have to vacuum and mop every day. Will this obsession ever end? The dog hair in the crevices of tiny, clammy hands and feet is enough to make me want to scream! Oh and the constant quest to find the doggie toys is REALLY annoying! Funny thing though, Dixie loves him crawling and Bosco stares at him like "Oh great, it moves. Just what I need", BEST part is he goes after Bosco....HA HA! Take that cat, for ignoring him his first 6 months of life, he is now ENTIRELY intrigued by you my furry feline friend. Tough luck for the little marmalade, we call Bosco!

Last week I spent a lot of time in The Woodlands, with my mom, helping my grandparents unpack their new house. You may remember that my gma is in the rehabilitation place from her partial hip replacement. Hopefully she will get to come home in the next week. Fingers crossed. So Jackson was with me a few of the days but Friday, I went solo! Had a great visit with my momma. Gotta love that. I really wish she lived closer..hint hint hint!!! My step dad is an engineer for CB&I so if anyone knows of some jobs down here.....let me know! HE HE!
Then on Thursday I babysat Jake so Maranda could have her wisdom teeth pulled. Jake and Jackson played in this little ball house and Jake would put the ball on the ramp and the ball would come out right where Jackson was sitting! It was too funny.
Can you see Jackson in there behind Jake???
Jake showing Jackson the was so cute!
Anyways, last weekend was a GREAT weekend. We organized the garage, the office (aka bill central station), and the best part is Taylor fazed his homemade beer to part 2 and we got to taste it. YUMMY I will say. It is supposed to come out tasting like Shiner Bock (per my request) and I would say it is coming along JUST RIGHT! YAY!!! This weekend he puts it in bottles where they then have to sit for 2 weeks in the dark.......this process is taking way to long for me, but Taylor is loving it!

I feel bad bc I havent taken very many pictures this week, but dont worry Ill redeem myself in the next week or two :)
This weekend is a kid free weekend for us Johnstons. My mom is taking Jackson for the whole weekend! I am soo pumped about sleeping in, I cant even tell yah. YES I know I wont really sleep in bc my body is trained to get up before 7, BUT I can just lay there. You know, doing nothing. For as long as I want. YESH!!!!! We are so excited about the aTm game on Sat (HA!) and spending time with friends and family in C.S. Im sure Ill miss my little guy tons, but I know that he is going to be S-P-O-I-L-E-D while we are away! And then, Ill have to do damage control when he comes home.
Sorry, I just get really excited when I think about it!
And to end on a funny story. So my little guy can pull up on his crib now. The other day I came in to get him from his nap and was picking out his clothes while he hung out in the crib. Dixie was of course in with us as well. Jackson pulled up on the crib railing and was kneeling, but his head was above the railing. Dixie got so excited that she could see him so she immediately started trying to shove her nose between the bars. He wasnt paying attention to her, so while my back was turned she jumps and puts her paws on the crib railing on the outside of where his hands were and since they were face to face, decides to start licking like crazy. He got very excited and she got in trouble. I popped her and made her get down and then he got upset. Started crying and Dixie got upset and barked at me. Whether she was barking bc she was upset that he was upset or just plain ready for her playmate to get out the crib, I have no idea BUT it was quite funny. Just a random funny story from our days of chaos! Have a great weekend and Gig Em Ags!

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