Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy 7 Months Baby!!!

Jackson is 7 months today. I wont say again "wow, how the time goes by" bc I say that every month and I think its understood I will keep saying it in my head all the time!
Here are some things he is doing now:
~ALMOST crawling. Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He actually took a crawl forward one little movement and then pushed with his legs to hard and bam he leap frogged forward. Soooo getting there, just slowly, he cant quite control those super human legs!
~Eats a full 5oz breakfast, about 6 oz at lunch (a meat most of the time, veggie and fruit) and a small dinner of veggie and fruits. He LOVES to eat. I cant blame him it does taste yummy all those fresh veggies and fruits. I should feed myself that too!
~still rolls around like a bowling ball, very determined to get where he wants to go.
~schooches himself (army crawling style) towards wherever we are.
~Can pull himself up a little on things, not to a full stand yet.
~Can stand by himself when he has something to hold onto.
~Holds his own bottle now when feeding (sooo nice!)
~Still talking all the time
~LOVES attention and whenever it stops or I duck out of view, he becomes VERY unhappy. AGH! I know one day I will wish he was still like that but right now it drives me nuts!
~He does this adorable crinkly nose smile when you smile at him...and now he does it when you say cheese...check out the video for proof! I know I sound like a goofball in it, but ignore me!
~Has 1 top tooth, but were still waiting on the others in the front to come on in!
~His personality is already quite evident. He is a funny little guy, a real ham to be sure! I cant say that I would want it any other way. He will go to anyone anywhere and be content. I LOVE that about him.
Jackson, I am even more proud to be your mommy now than I was a day ago. Every day my love grows deeper and stronger. You are the light of my life, the sun on a rainy day and looking at you reminds me of how deep Gods love is for all of us. I cant believe we are getting so close to you being a year. WOW!
Happy 7 months baby!
A slide show is on the way so be checking your emails!

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