Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Kid Free Weekend and a fairly kid free post!

This weekend Jackson was at my moms house with her all weekend. They had a BLAST, but my poor momma is exhausted after two nights of not so great sleeping on Jackson part! He is not the best sleeper in new places. She had a crib for him THANK GOD, bc if he was going to have to be in the pack and play.....PROBLEM!!!! Not just any crib either, it was the crib my dad built by hand for my brothers and I when we were born. I know, your saying AWWW right? Jackson absolutely will not sleep in the pack and play at night. So at least he slept semi good for her! She loved having him and said he was super good and super sweet. Of course, he came back spoiled rotten. That means her job was well done!

I wish I could say that Taylor and I had a relaxing weekend of sleeping in and doing nothing, but alas, when the kids are away, the parents will play! HA!

Friday I went to see New Moon with my neighbors and some of their crazy gals.
It was uber fun. We got there at 5, for the 7:30 showing and were second in line. Carrie had two life size cut outs of Edward and Jacob,
ohh la la, and everyone was coming up and getting their picture taken with them.
It was so funny, and we were having a blast. The theatre was packed but the movie was SOOO good. I loved it.
I am even more excited bc on Tuesday I go with my best-est girl friends to see it again! WOOHOO! Love Nicoles shirt huh?!!! But I missed my little guy.

So while I was away Taylor decided to bottle all his beer....ALONE... YIKES! It was a 4 hour project for the guy and he was exhausted by the time I got home. So we went to bed pretty early and while my wonderful hubby could sleep in till 9 the next morning, I was wide eyed awake at 6:30. Oh yes. Happy Saturday! We then headed out to the game in College Station, where we saw tons of cute babies, and missed our little aggie more.
and went out after with Megan and J.P.
We so love them, we have a blast every time we are with them.
Oh my gosh it was so cold at the game and misted for the first 15 minutes or so, so good bye cute game day look, hello blah dull limp hair look!
But this morning, we were REALLY missing this face:
So off to get him we went after Sunday school. He was so happy to see us, and just smiled and smiled and smiled! We have had a great evening tonight just playing and relaxing and Jackson went to bed early bc his Grandma really wore him out! GOOD JOB MOM!!!

This week is going to be super busy with family, a spa day, A Christmas tree hunt and the AGS BTHO t.u.!!!! Whoop! But I am especially looking forward to my brother and his wife coming in from Florida. We really miss them and cannot WAIT to see em! YAY!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving and take the time to tell your loved ones not only what your thankful for, but that your thankful for them too!

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