Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Hey mom!"

"I like to greet you when you come to get me up from my nap".
Sooo "Hey there Mom"!
I want to say a few thanks to all of those who have been praying for my grandma. She (if you arent a friend on facebook) broke her hip and had a partial hip replacement today. She is doing great, recovering well and should be up stretching those newly contorted muscles tomorrow. Thank you for praying, keep her healing in your prayers. Please also pray for this little boy Stellan. To read his story click on the button below. What an amazing kiddo!

Prayers for Stellan
In other news here are some pictures of Jackson at my grandparents (pre-hip break), Granny put him in a box. You know, so he could help and all.
"So what exactly am I supposed to do in here?"
"Granny, I cant stand up on my own yet!"
"Oh wait, yesh I CAN!!!!"
and a playdate with his friend Grant who is a month older than him :) Super cute and crawling like a maniac. Grant that is, not Jackson. Jackson is rocking back and forth and taking small movements forward and then lays down and army crawls like he is in the trenches or something.
Who gets the ball?!
Well, at least Jackson doesn't mind that he lost that battle!
We took them to the swings at the park and they LOVED it. Can't you tell by Jackson's cheesing:

Swinging together!
Grants beautiful blues! Can you believe I took this pic with my phone?!!!
In teeth news he got his top tooth was the tooth that is to the left of his middle top teeth. I thought they were all supposed to come in order. You know, bottom middle, top middle, sides, blah, blah, blah. Hmmm, he sure does like to switch the game up on me.
Top Teeth: Better for holding yourself up :0)
We had a great weekend. Taylor brewed his first batch of homemade beer with the neighbors teaching him as it went. He is super excited and we now have a bucket of fermenting, yeasty beer in our guest bathroom tub. (in case of explosions due to fermenting overload). He had a great time and I am super proud of my brew master, er novice. Anyhoo, the bugs were out like crazy so poor Jack has like 5 bites on his head. Dang bloodsuckers. We also went to a great couples shower for my friend Courtney, who is due with baby Aiden in January. Today rounded up a visit with Grandma at the hospital and Taylor had a mans day with the boy! They had a good time but poor Tay is WORN out! Welcome to my world darling.
Keep those prayers coming! Have a great week!

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