Sunday, November 1, 2009

Conversation and Cuddles...

So about that conversation Jake and Jackson apparently had while we were forcibly taking pictures of them last is a script with photo account of it:

Jackson: So your a dinosaur....Im an Elephant, at least that is what they tell me. I feel more like I should be Eeyore, the way I feel tonight.
Jake: Yah, Yah, I hear you man. I just want to slide right now. At least they dont expect much from you other than to sit around and stuff. Im supposed to greet people and grr and smile. Its exhausting.
Jackson: True, but being cute as you know is hard work. Im exhausted.
Jake: Tell me about it, me, Im exhausted bc they want me to act like a dinosaur. You know, play the part, ignore the slide, instead ask for candy. Yah right!
Jake: Oh see listen, now I have to that what you wanted mom?
Jackson: Im not looking, Im avoiding this if at all possible. If I dont make eye contact, they wont embarrass themselves by jumping up and down and waving hands and snapping and stuff.
Jake: Your right, they are embarrassing. Poor fellow. Well at least we have each other.
Jackson: Hrrummphh, sigh.

And meet my new neice, Tess. She surpassed the cuddle test in my opinion, but then, I am biased. I love her parents and I REALLY love Labs.
Jackson narrates his look-over of Tess:
Okay just come on over here, let me get a good look at you...
back is in line, good for supporting a toddler in a few years....okay...
Checking out her collar, yep looks good Aunt Chels.
Her neck is strong, yep, yep, soft clean, I like her so far.
Ears are clean, check.
Yep, shes a keeper guys, and she cleans me well too....
I will add that he was laughing and smiling at her later on that night as they both envied each others toys...who knew, Jackson likes toys from the pet isle?!!!!
SOOO Adorable...makes me want a puppy BAD....I know I know, Im crazy to even think it!

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