Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Christmas Pictures!

Okay I added MORE from Olivia at the bottom of this post!
I posted some more pictures of Christmas below, via my momma and Chelsea!

This was a marionette my brother had gotten a long time ago, much to the family pets annoyance, however now, it has a new purpose with Jackson. We used to have a name for the blue furry mess but we cant remember it...any suggestions?
He loved Jackson and Jackson wasnt to sure about him......(love those cute monkey pjs from pop and gay gay!)

Now opening presents at Grandmas:
I get to play with this????


Um Dad, do I need to help you with this?

Lets check on how mom is doing with my other toy.

Okay seriously parents, it is NOT THAT complicated to put these toys together in a timely fashion. UGH!

Aunt Chelsea trying to distract me while mom and dad put together my toys.

I may play with this but I see the others....hmmmm...what to go for next?!!!

Madi and Jackson playing with one of his toys!
Jackson feeling Uncle Johns whiskers, really enthralled him!
Pooped after Christmas dinner!

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