Thursday, January 14, 2010

What are we up to this week?

STANDING ON OUR OWN!!! WOOHOO!! Yeppers, Jackson stood all by himself yesterday in the living room while shaking his phone rattle, body firm and poised in standing position for at least 10-15 seconds. Tay and I were gobsmacked. He just stood. Ah such a proud moment. He is doing it more and more. I love it!

CHASING THE CAT!! OMG, the cat is totally teasing him. Beaconing Jackson to him with his orange fur, sending messages telepathically to my child like "come, come get me, you can grab this tail, yesh, this tail, isnt it lovely, and oh look at all my fur I have for you to pull, yesh, yesh" and then Jack Jack gets inches away...INCHES and Bosco fleets off another 3 or 4 feet. And off they go. Again. Orange beaconing and telepathic messaging skills urging more chasing. The small glimpse of pleasure is that the cat will ACTUALLY let Jackson get him once in a while. ONCE in a while, and Jackson plows down on him like a rugby player going after the ball. It isnt pretty and you find yourself feeling a little sorry for the cat, what with all the hair pulling, skin grabbing, smother you with my body torture Jackson is giving him. BUT then, the cat teases him again and you dont feel so bad. You feel like, "you know deserve it my feline friend. " It is a vicious cycle/circle of life fiasco happening.

TRYING TO CLIMB THE STAIRS!!! Oh boy, this one really gets me. The kid is like a little crawling rocket, he just goes. fast. hustles. I turn around and boom he is gone. Where did he go? He no longer comes after me in the kitchen, his latest obsession (other than the cat) is the stairs. Well he is probably only interested in the stairs bc he knows thats where the cat sits when not tempting him in a game of chase. So crawling away he goes to the stairs where I usually catch up with him as he is trying to hustle up the first step. When he sees me he starts squealing with excitement trying to go even faster up them but making serious uncordinated mistakes bc he is acting like such a spaz. Its funny. Which is bad. Because I should be saying, "No Jackson we dont climb stairs without mommy or daddy", but instead I laugh and smile and he thinks "Yes, I have this, I SO have this"! But what are yah gonna do? He does have to learn how to go up them seeing as they are the way to his room and what not. Ah...keeping me on my toes this one.

PLAYING WITH FRIENDS!! The other day we played for a little bit at Grants house. Remember he is a month older than Jackson? He wasnt feeling THAT great, but they were pretty cute together anyways. Then they saw their moms hanging out on the couch and well, that was the end of playtime. Boys will be boys...mommas boys that is. Here are some pictures of the playtime!

FINDING NEW THINGS!! Also the yesterday morning he found the cat door. We have a cat door from the laundry room into the hallway, thats where we keep Boscos "stuff" and its out of Dixies way/mouth. :) Anyways, he crawled after the cat (of course) and the cat went in and he was very perplexed so he figured out how to open and close it. EXCEPT he got his hand stuck multiple times and couldn't get it out. It was pretty funny seeing him figure it all out and trap his hand and yell at us!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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