Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Firsts all around.....

So the weekend before Christmas we had some BIG firsts!
Actually most happened in one day, it was kind of a triple whammy Saturday!
Jackson woke up Sat (Dec 19th) with his two top front teeth in. I of course couldn't help but be excited that he ACTUALLY got his two front teeth for Christmas like oh so many young babies and children want. No way I have pictures of that, he is a chomping teething machine and when my fingers get close to his mouth, I end up hurt.

Then as he was playing, he fell that morning and got his first busted lip. It bled a little and was hardly a big problem, but did make him upset when it happened. The first of many of course but since it was the first small accident in his own home, it was fairly monumental I think.

Later on that afternoon he got his first haircut. The boy needed it BAD. I kept having to slick his hair back bc it was laying over his ears. He did AWESOME. Just sat there and watched the video they had on and played with the comb the hairdresser gave him. I feel a little disgruntled at the price of his first haircute ($21 including the tip) so I may attempt at cutting his hair myself next time. Oh scratch that, Im having flashbacks to ruining Taylors hair and laughing uncontrollably at it, making him that much more frustrated with me. Maybe dad can be the one cutting Jacksons hair. He does after all do a fabulous job on the dog. LOL!
Soo excited about it! LOL!

So I feel it was a weekend of milestones in this house. This week I am trying to teach him not to climb on the kitchen chairs and under the kitchen table. He has figured out since its glass he can climb under there and look up at you.
Oh the simple pleasures in life!
REALLY cute the first time he did it, but a little dangerous. Everytime we turn around he is under that table and climbing on those chairs. I mean seriously, he has a playroom FULL of toys to spin, hit, climb, rattle and he wants chairs. Geez, I so could have saved myself some money and just gone to IKEA for his Christmas. Anyways, today his safe luck ran out. He was climbing in the chairs and got stuck.

Then rescued himself. By working REALLY hard at climbing out, all the while whining. I didnt rescue him, I wanted him to figure it out on his own.
Yah mom I made it without your help!
BUT then.... I lost... the mother ....of the year ....award. I really think I was coming in the top 5, but he managed to screw that up for me 5 days into the year. UGH. Just joking, but he did have an accident! He was crawling around in the kitchen and I turned around to call Taylor (garage door repair consult with hubby in case you were wondering) and he had managed to crawl to the chair of doom and pull up on it. Well it isnt a heavy chair so when he lost his balance he fell back and hit his head on the floor and the chair came tumbling after. (Im sure there is a nursery rhyme out there with those words....) BIG drama in the casa. Boy he was UPSET. Mainly at the chair I am sure, but I explained to him while soothing him that that is EXACTLY why momma doesnt want you climbing on the chairs. I think my childhood is calling, either that or I am my mother.... Creepy.
I think he was listening.

HA! Im sure Ill be prying his little chubby hands from the chairs again this afternoon.
We shall see.
Till the next post, adios. And....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aunt Chelsea,
your 25 and don't look a day past 20.

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