Friday, January 22, 2010

9 Month Check Up

Jackson had his 9 month check up with the doctor yesterday.
Here are his stats:
Weight: 21.1 lbs
Length: 28 3/4in.
He is measuring in just below the 75%. So looking/growing well!

Today he waved for the first time! YAY! I thought "What is that funny thing he is doing with his wrist?" And then we walked past a mirror, and I said "Who is that baby?" and he did the funny wrist thing to himself and it dawned on me, duh he is waving! HA. So of course we practiced a few more times, with the mirror and with Dixie and he flipped that wrist around each time. Too cute!

This early afternoon we went to the park with Maranda, Jake, Troy and Chelsea. Chels got a new lens for her camera she wanted to try out so off we went for some cute pics. Of course, Jackson knew this is something he was supposed to be laughing and posing for so he choose to sit stoically and seriously. Interested in how those will turn out! LOL! Chelsea will send me some after she plays around with them on photoshop. I will post those when I have them!

Well since its been so warm here, we busted out our t-shirts we had hanging in our closet and the first one to be worn was one his great grandparents brought back from Telluride for him. Super cute! All he needed was a pair of rubber flip flops to tie the whole laid back look together!
We have a fun weekend coming up. Dinner with friends tonight and Cami and Papa J come in for a visit tomorrow. Will be posting the busy weekend recap on Sunday!
Enjoy the weekend!

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