Sunday, January 10, 2010

9 Months and Living it UP!

Yes I will start another Happy __ Month Birthday post with these words:
"Oh my gosh, how it has flown by and oh my gosh how big he is growing
and smart he is getting"!
Couldn't help it, its the darn truth people. I repeat myself but mean it so very much every month. I should break out a thesaurus and see if I cant re-tweak the wording a bit though since it is so repetitious!

Yesterday was Jackson's 9 Month Birthday. I so wish I could say that we were busy or the internet was down and thats why I didn't post yesterday but the truth is Taylor and I laid in bed and napped/watched TV every time Jackson napped. AND he napped WELL yesterday. Guess he got the hint that mom and dad needed some serious R & R. So yep, I was lazy, but not too lazy to take his 9 Month picture. I have priorities you know.
Of course, I tried to take it before I fed him and note the oh so happy face:
Here is the official one: (much better)!
Jackson is changing so fast it just seems like we have him figured out and then bam he is liking something new or on to something else before we can blink.
Here is what Jackson is doing now:
~ He is crawling so super fast that if I blink or turn around for a second he is in the next room. Probably chasing the cat.
~He LOVES chasing the cat. Will follow him everywhere. Even up the stairs. Yep, you read right.
~He can climb the bottom few stairs. Now though he knows I'm coming after him and he gets super excited and squeals and tries to go up them faster. Sigh.
~Is into EVERYTHING HE ISNT SUPPOSED TO BE! Seriously. He wants the cords to things, the dog bowl, the toilet bowl, the toys in the tub, the stairs, the oven, the electrical outlets, ah you name it. I feel like all we do is say "No touch Jackson". At least he listens some of the time.
~He recently underwent a growth spurt and now barely fits into his 9 month shirts and pants. The waist is fine in the pants, they are just bordering on the high water status. Shirts are too tight around the shoulders.
~He eats everything he can, ESPECIALLY peas. He loves them. I think he may store them in his cheeks for extra enjoyment and then a few minutes later swallow them.
~He is standing up on everything he can, especially the kitchen table and chairs.
~He is walking while holding onto things. Not gracefully, but still walking!
~He says Momma and Dadda. Still waiting on Dixie and Bosco.
~He threw his first "real" temper tantrum the other day over his sippy cup being taken away from him. Now don't go feeling all "Oh poor baby, he was thirsty" on me...he was shaking it to make all the water come out, and we were done with lunch. So anyhoo, I took it away and set him on the floor and OH BOY, was there screaming and tears, and unhappiness. AND yes, there was even a laying down on the floor thrown in just for good ol fun. Ah yes. It has since happened again with his father, truly a joy.
~He has 6 teeth but I can feel two more on the top coming in on the sides.
~He eats about 24-30 oz of formula a day. He eats three meals full of veggies and homemade goodness. All of course eaten by himself. It is a struggle for me to feed him, he grabs and moves his hands around with great speed and precision. He also is starting to have little snacks now and then.
~We switched him to a new car-seat that he seems to be much more comfortable in.
~We had his first non-family babysitter come watch him so we could go to Chelsea's B-Day dinner, which was nice but oh so expensive so we might be calling on family more often than not! HA!
~He is soaking everything up like a sponge and I love that he can now put his shapes in the correct holes for them, ride his little car around and knows to put his feet up so they dont drag the ground, stops and looks at me when I say "no touch" (most of the time).
~But mostly I love that he crawls after me, loves me and his dad and shows us the upmost affection, snuggles and cuddles, and says our names.
~He is starting to be in his "mommy" faze and at times it really drives me nuts, but I keep telling myself, "One day it wont be like this and you will be sad that instead of soaking up every second of this precious time you instead were frustrated by it." That changes my mood in a second and I instead soak him up.
So that is what's been happening in this last month. As you can read, its a lot, and its only gonna keep adding up!

Last week we spent the day at my grandmas house with my mom and grandma and here are a few snapshots from that day:
Chowing down on a vanilla wafer while we got lunch ready! Lunch was greens, pinto beans and fried cornbread and he LOVED it!

Grandma teaching him how to put his shapes in the right spots.

Then at home the other day we couldn't keep him away from the cat, so we distracted him with his jumper and who brought all the animals to him.
Everyone wants in on the Jumper fun!

Happy 9 Month Birthday Kiddo!

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  1. Love his little argyle socks in the pics from your grandma's house. He's such a cutie!