Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doctor Visit!!

So I had to take Jackson in this morning for a quick visit to the doctor. He has been a little congested (just enough to make me know that he has drainage down the back of his throat). He is feeling great and not having any symptoms or anything so I called and they wanted to see him to make sure the congestion wasnt in his lungs. SO I went to the doc today and she said he was doing and looking great, she said the congestion/cough was from being in the heat and then coming into the cold alot. She said alot of kids have been visiting her with this issue lately, its kind of like a cold, but not to that point. So she said I can either do nothing and it will go away, or do the saline drops and make him mad. My choice. I think Ill opt for the happier baby seeing as he is so cute when he is happy and smiling (insert picture below!)
By the way he weighed in today at 12lbs 12oz. Growing baby!

Look at those fat rolls on his arm!!!!

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