Thursday, June 25, 2009

A shout out to the hubby!

I just realized that although I mentioned our activities for Fathers Day, I didnt talk much about it being el hubbo's very first Fathers Day. So Im writing this blog as a shout out to him and what a wonderful dad he is.

I knew when I married Taylor that he was going to be a great dad someday. Well that someday is here and he has surpassed even my greatest dreams on him being a good father. He is an amazing husband and I am truly truly blessed to be a partner for life with him. When Jackson came, I knew that our relationship would change a little. I wasn't sure how, but I knew it would. In the weeks following Jackson's birth I found myself just washed in love for him and of course the beautiful baby boy we made. I had never felt more in love with someone in my whole life, and the best part is that it just gets better every day.

Taylor does everything a man should do for his family and then some. He takes care of Jackson when I need a break, never hesitated to take a late night or early morning feeding (even when he had to get up and go to work the next day) and was always thinking of Jackson or me, never himself. He is compassionate, patient, understanding and above all completely and totally devoted to God, our life, and family. I write this not because I am surprised that he is like this, he always has been and is this great human being. But I write it because I want to let everyone else know how much I appreciate him as a husband and father. I am sure this post will make him slightly uncomfortable and he will say "Im just doing what I know to do, and thats just who I am" but that right there attributes to his humbleness about himself.

Last night, Jackson was FUSSY before bed time while I was trying to cook dinner and Taylor and I both were trying our hand at soothing the angered child, but we both just decided to put him to bed and then get back to dinner. When we sat down to dinner we laughed because we still ate our food like it was a "who can finish their plate the fastest" competition. We both are so used to taking turns getting up and soothing Jackson that we both ate our food quick! Notice I said we both. That is because we are partners. He helps me and I help him. He is never one to come home from a long day at work and sit and do nothing. He comes home, throws the ball for Dixie, plays with Jackson, soothes Jackson, helps bathe him and then will feed him his last feeding for the day just to get some more time with him. He is an amazing father and I love him more than words could explain. I am so happy that our son has such a phenomenal man to look up to. Jackson is going to be a great man, husband and dad because of Taylor. I thank God for that. Happy late Fathers Day baby!

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