Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

We had our first trip with Jackson. First let me say that packing for a baby is CRAZY!!! I kept thinking as I made my forever huge list, "surely I dont need ALL this stuff"! Sad part, I did. I used every single thing. I packed a few to many blankets, but that was it. Taylor and I are a little worried for when its time to take Dixie with us. She may or may not have to ride on top of the Tahoe. :) 

We went to Crystal Lake with Taylor's parents and John, Olivia and Madison. Its a private lake in Palestine and we had an awesome time tubing, visiting and just enjoying the summer. Jackson did great, had a little trouble napping on Sat, but other than that was happy and in a good mood for the most part. Taylor is sunburned and I am a little beat up from flopping off the tube, but it was all worth it for fun in the sun! Jackson got in a arm wrestling match with Uncle John, see pictures below. My little man won, Im such a proud momma!!!! 
Taylor had a great first Fathers Day, his present was an awesome camo daddy diaper bag. It is actually really super cool! My mom and step dad James came down with my stepsisters Sonorah, Becca and Megan. Everyone had a great time fishing and going out on the boat. 

We left Dixie with the Kirks and she played with Tori all weekend, she is EXHAUSTED and Maranda said Tori hasnt gotten up once off her bed. 
Exciting news: Taylor and I are planning our first trip away from Jackson :) and :(. We are going to the Coast at the end of July with the Kirks and the Petersons and we are making it a kid free weekend. Mom is coming down to take care of him and Im getting myself psyched up for it. I figure I have a month to get ready so the more time I have to prepare, the better! REALLY looking forward to being responsibility free for a weekend, not even bringing the doggie! 

"I think I might have it but not sure...must concentrate"

"Oh yeah, I got this...just say Uncle, Uncle John!!!" 
~note that Jackson looks VERY serious!!

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