Monday, June 29, 2009

Our first swim!!

Today was an exciting day...for Taylor and I that is....don't think Jackson cared much. We took Jackson over to the Kirk's house for his very first swim ever! He was in such a great mood today so we were so stoked going over there thinking how awesome of a time he was going to have and what not. Welp, things were good UNTIL I put the sunscreen on him. Little guy DOES NOT like to be rubbed down with sunscreen. Boy did he scream. So we were quickly trying to get him ready to go outside, thinking "great, this is gonna be awful, he isnt gonna last but two seconds, yada yada yada..." But alas, when we stepped outside he got quiet. (the brightness of my skin I think shocked him into silence!)
Then Taylor stepped into the pool with him...all the while trying to keep a good grip on the slippery little sucker. And at this point Jackson was very seriously contemplating this new experience. Still no crying, just pondering.
And then............happiness, only a few moments of it, but hey its better than crying (or since we are talking about Jackson, screaming...there is no in between with this guy!).
So our conclusion is he likes the pool, wants more of it, but without being rubbed down with sunscreen! Too bad he has no choice in that decision. Thanks Maranda and Jake for sharing your pool with us today, it was great fun.

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