Monday, June 15, 2009

Oops, its been awhile...sorry Grandparents!!!

Well it has been a busy week of me being at home! So far so good and my little man is on a perfect start to the summer. He has had some developmental milestones (in my book) this week and I would like to share them with you:

1- He now sleeps about 8-10 (yes I wrote 10 :)) hours a night. WOW huh?
2-He is taking naps during the day much better. I think its me being able to be at home to read him better. Like for instance I know exactly when he has had enough play time, I literally lay him down and the kid is asleep in mere seconds with little to no fussing. :) He really likes to nap in his napper in the pack n play. It vibrates and has music so it makes him VERY happy!
3-He no longer eats a poor mans 5 ounces, he goes for at least 6 now. His belly is growing out of all his old p.j.s. Guess its time to buy some more!
4-He reaches and grabs his toys :) He especially loves his cow and his play mat.
5-He is laughing and smiling ALOT!! He loves to dance with us and even laughed at me the other day when we were dancing to a Michael Buble song and I put him in the air and made him cha cha a little and he loved it. It was so funny watching him laugh!
6 and final- Probably my favorite thing of all is that he LOVES Baby Einstein and I mean LOVES!! Tay and I have had 3 nights of uninterrupted dinner time thanks to that amazing Mozart and random colorful pictures floating across the screen! We put him in his bouncer, turn on the vibrate and play the movie and the kid is ENTRANCED!!! He loves the part where there is a puppet shark floating across the screen (a friendly shark) and bubbles. Oh and he also loves the train and a colorful star that dances. He laughs and coos at the pictures. (See video below):
We had a great week as you can tell. We went for lunch at Great Grandmas and he got to meet his Great Great Aunt Millie! My camera died so I have no pics of that :(. We also had a great time meeting dad for lunch (he slept, I ate). The biggest event of all was on Saturday. Two big things happened: First, our A/C broke so we had our first "overnight" trip! Thanks to Gay Gay and Pop we had a place to stay. Jackson did great, so thats good news for our upcoming trip this weekend. The second was a big introduction for Jackson to his other "Uncles"! Cliff  and Brandon and their lovely girls Rachel and Tiffany. Uncle Troy had a Big Ol Texas BBQ at his new house for their housewarming party and Jackson was all smiles (MOST of the time). He also got to meet some other very important people...Lindsey (Aunt Chels's Sis) who made our little guy smile and laugh alot...your going to be a great mom some day; Blake & Whitney. It was a lot of fun, dont have pics of that either...too busy eating and socializing I guess! I know shame on me.

Below is a better picture of Dixie with Jackson, and a chubby faced guy sleeping. Couldn't help but take a pic of that!

Okay so Jackson is smiling at Dixie and getting excited
but he was moving so thats why its blurry...but you can 
kind of see the smile right???? Below is after the smile!

Nap time!

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