Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gig 'Em Ags...and Pancakes...What?

To start it off........
We will be off to the game at 3 or so, HOPEFULLY dinner with the Kirk's at Wings-n-More...yummm, and then the game...SO EXCITED!!! Its supposed to rain, boo. Lets all say a quick prayer about that....Dear Lord (insert your prayer) Amen..okay thanks!
We of course had to dress Jackson up, for the Spirit of Aggieland is surrounding us today!
Good news, his Uncle Matt '07 and Aunt Jordan '07 will be babysitting him. NOT his Red Raider Aunt and Uncle...they might change his outfit to red and black and we cant have that. Jackson is wearing maroon and white Aggies need all the luck we can get!! Of course I dont want to upset the Red Raider Aunt and Uncle, they have watched him several times and are amazing at it, and Jackson loves them very much. But I still dont want to take the chance of an outfit switch.he he he.

Now you were probably going, "why did she write pancakes on the title?""Did they eat pancakes or something?" NOPE, "Did she feed Jackson pancakes?" NOPE, "Did they go to IHOP?" NOPE. My child is a pancake...."What?"...yep, my child is a pancake. He has decided that he is such a master at flipping himself like a pancake he wants to do it at night when he is sleeping. "Awww, how cute Lindsey" NOPE. Because then he wakes himself up and is mad, and for whatever reason (prob the fact that its the middle of the night and most brain waves are slowed down at this time) he cannot roll back over to his back. SO HE CRIES. and YELLS. and its the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. and this happend 3 TIMES. AGHHHHHHH!!!!
Pancake was overcooked last night. Too much flipping.
Any advice friends? I have three things I can think of to do, and not sure which would be the best.
A- Let him lie there and cry, eventually he will flip himself back over
B- Keep going in there and flipping him over, inserting paci, etc.
C- Place rolled up somethings or anothers on each side of him making it more difficult for him to roll over. (He is sleeping on his side now)

Oh and now that he is a movin and a shakin all the time...check out what I found when I went to get him out bed the other morning.
He was crammed up in the corner. Silly guy.
Have a great Saturday watching College Football!!!
Gig 'Em Ags!!!

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