Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Poor Poor Baby

Jackson has his first official sickness. Runny nose, then stuffy nose, then coughing, you get the picture. He is not running a fever. The doctor (I took him this morning) said he either has a viral cold infection, which is going around like crazy; OR he has strep which he tested positive for initially. She said it probably is a false positive but they are waiting on the culture to either grow bacteria or not, which will be definite by tomorrow afternoon. Because of the initial positive she started him on an antibiotic just to be on the safe side (flash backs to when he was born and decided to not breathe (twice) and they couldn't find anything wrong with him so he was in NICU on antibiotics until the blood culture came back 48 hours later NEGATIVE!!!). SO here we are, alternating steam sauna in bathroom to loosen up mucus, plus automatic aspirator (pic below)
It is the Graco Automatic Aspirator and it plays 15 different songs as well! If you havent bought one of these you should, its a MUST and so far he is tolerating it a WHOLE lot more than the manual kind. By tolerating it, I mean he isnt screaming his head off, causing gagging, thus causing more drainage, then taking many minutes to calm down only to start it all over again. UGH.

Meanwhile he is a happy camper when he isnt tired, his appetite is still good, not as good as normal but still good. He just sounds awful bc of the scratchy throat, so when he tries to squeal or laugh or cry, its all raspy and whispery like. I never thought I would say this but I want his loud voice back!!! Crazy how when you ask for your eardrums to get a break, God grants it. Be careful what you wish for my friends!
Doesn't look too sick huh?
Now if Tay and I could only get some sleep at night. Too busy helping the little one breathe.
Have a great weekend,
there will be lots of good football...
Tech Vs. UH and of course
the AGGIES play uab.
Beat the hell outta uab!

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