Friday, September 18, 2009

Talking baby....

This week went by so quickly....ONCE I got my internet all sorted out that is! Jackson and I made a quick trip to see Taylor's folks, Cami and Papa J in Killeen on Tuesday and we came back yesterday (Thursday). All I can say is this boy is a S-P-O-I-L-E-D Squirrel. Cami and Papa J, set up his winter wardrobe, THANK YOU, Gave him lots of kisses and hugs and attention. His Uncle Jack, Aunt Olivia and cousin Madison came by to see him as well.

So to put it mildly, he got some really good one on one action. AND yes, he is going through withdrawals today. Actually had what I would call the meltdown of '09 in the car this afternoon. OF COURSE when I climbed back there (Taylor was driving) and started giving him kisses and singing to him, he was immediately calmed. Dont even think you wouldnt do the same if your kid was screaming AND I MEAN SCREAMING in the backseat. None of that "Cry it out, BS is tolerable in that small environment". Oh and no, I am SURE there was nothing else wrong with him. Oh well, he is such a happy, smiley, giggly, TALKATIVE (all the time) soul, I should be able to take a meltdown or two every now and then.

Here are some pictures I took from the awesome visit. It was too short, but we will see them this weekend while they babysit Jackson during the aTm game. Olivia and Camille took some good pics so hopefully Ill get copies of those to post also. I dont have one of Camille and Jackson on my camera :( so as soon as I get one that we took with other cameras, Ill post it! So sorry Camille!

Love this picture with Olivia. Soo sweet!
Uncle Jack, manning the bean bag boy.
I highly recommend a bean bag for a baby FYI!
Madison reading to Jackson
NOW about the talking I mentioned a few paragraphs up.
Here is my ode to all friends and family:
I am sorry. So very sorry.
I should have been more, ahem, well, non talkative,
basically my whole life past.
I am sorry.
My child, Whom I love more than anything,
is talkative....
JUST like his momma.
AND loud.
Just like his momma.
He even talks himself to sleep...seriously,
and Im sorry.
There, I said it.
I am being paid back.
Just like my mother threatened.

AT least tomorrow is aggie football, and at the talking loudly (only during appropriate times that is) is necessary.
There is a place for Jackson and I at least, where we are truly accepted.
Thank you Kyle Field.

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