Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A visit to Granny and PawPaws!

WE have had an amazing day..oh yeah! He is getting better and better every day. Today, we haven't even needed to do the sauna, or the automatic aspirator!!! He is just left with a tad bit of a runny nose and thats it! He was loud and talkative all day and I had to keep reminding myself "I missed his voice when it was gone, I missed his voice when it was gone"!!!

We have laid low since last week, but today we went to my grandparents to see the new house they have bought in The Woodlands! They have been in and out of buying an official "retirement" house for the last 10 years or maybe even more. BUT they finally did it and settled. I am soo excited and happy for them and the house is just perfect for them. I posted some pictures below.
The front:

Right when you walk in:
View from family room to front door:
Family room:
View from family room to backyard:
Kitchen view from family room:
There are 4 Bedrooms downstairs, one is master.
Here is the master bath: (at least the part I like, dont even get me started on the HUGE closet!)
Right when you go up the stairs you have this bathroom to the right:
And this game room open in front of you. To the right of the game room is a media room that they are going to turn into another guest room!
Nice right?!!!! I cant wait for Family Holidays there.

Jackson had a blast out there with us looking at the house and then enjoyed some more attention back at their house after lunch. I am so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents who are able to enjoy him and the best part is, he enjoys them can tell by the many smiles in the pictures!!!

Anyways, tonight is Taylor's soccer game, so Jackson gets to watch his dad play and we are really excited about that. Hopefully the good and happy mood will last! Oh and can I say Thank you GOD for this weather? AMEN!!!!

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  1. Can I move in? What a gorgeous house, just what I would pick! Congrats to them!!