Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Oh what a night..bum bum bum...bum bum bum bum.."

Your singing the song right now right? If not, turn your speakers up, that should do the trick.
I am ALL about sharing songs that are stuck in my head so that they in turn become stuck in yours. I am an equal opportunity song stuck in a head-er. HA!

But seriously.."Oh what a night"!
We had a great day, taking Jackson up to College Station. I so was not going to submit him to Kyle Field just yet, so he hung out with Cami and Papa J,
at Taylors cousins house, Bill and Johnna. Believe me, he had a GREAT time. His 2nd cousins were all there:
Jackson, Anna Kate, Maggie, Hardy, and Joy
And he loved watching them play, laugh, fight over Thomas the Train, love on each other, and then crash from sheer exhaustion! He however didnt sleep very well because...BIG NEWS:
He's getting his two bottom teeth in!!!
You can see a little white under the gums and the gums are starting to get swollen. He has been randomly fussy and restless at night for the last couple weeks, and I kept thinking it HAD to be the teeth, but never saw anything and then yesterday morning...WE SAW EM!!!
So we shall see how long it takes for those babies to pop through. THIS is the hard part I hear!

The weekend ended up with us making a stop in Brenham to see my best friend Brooke's little girl, Swayzee celebrate her 2nd Birthday!
Now, Taylor and I are seriously exhausted and worn out from the never ending night of air mattress sleeping and getting up to soothe teething baby. We may actually be in bed, just like Jackson by 8. No lie :)
To my Red Raider Brother and Wife: I am sorry you guys lost last night, feel free to come over and spend some cheer up time with Jackson. He really does make everything better:)
Oh and for some really good pictures hop on over to Uncle Jack, Aunt Olivia and Madison's blog to see what we were up to on our visit to Killeen last week!

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  1. That is one chunky baby - I LOVE him! SO jealous that y'all were at the game! Yay Ags - maybe this year won't be a total disaster. ;) I have to tell you - Cassidy hasn't been too affected by her teeth coming in. I gave her infant Tylenol a few nights, but that's it. She's got 3 more coming in right now and she's still a gem. Jackson is young to get those two, like Cassidy was!