Thursday, September 3, 2009

Over the river (Trinity River that is) and through the woods (East Texas Piney Woods that is)

To Grandmothers Tyler.... we went!!!!!
We had such a great time. It was apparent the moment we arrived that Jackson was
He was ALL smiles and giggle for Grandma the second he saw her. It was so so so cute. Tuesday night we went to his Aunt Sonorah's Volleyball game
and he was mesmerized by the ball and loudness of it all.
And then after being mesmerized, he became hypnotized by the sleep monster!
He crashed in moms arms. I so wish I could fall asleep in loud, and bright places. Shoot, I find it hard enough to fall asleep in a silent/dark/comfy bedroom!

Wednesday we attempted a movie around lunchtime. Okay before you all go "What was she thinking its so loud/bright/over-stimulating..blah blah blah" Hear me out. I, A-went when it was nap-time, B-Had a blanket around his head covering his ears, C- Had the pacifier ready and D-IF he was not going to be able to handle it, I was fully prepared to leave and get a rain check on the movie tickets. SO he was actually really good for the first 40 minutes or so, he was happy at least and really interested, HOWEVER he wanted to talk....ALOT...and LOUDLY!!! So we left and went back and saw the movie that evening, JUST adults!
After the movie attempt we went to Babies R Us and we got Jackson his first Christmas outfit. Ready for pictures with the ensemble topping itself off with a hat and leather loafers! OMG here is a taste of the outfit....
Too cute huh?
His Great Grandpa wears hats like these so hopefully Ill get a picture of them both together. That would be really cute!
To top off the evening we had some visitors come by mom's to meet Jackson for the first time.

Today we made a special stop on the way out of town. We visited Pa's office so he could show Jackson off. He showed him the office and look at what was outside his office where his name plate is:
His e-mail birth announcement and a picture of them together!
So sweet!
Jackson had a great time and loved seeing where Pa works.
We had an awesome time, but I am really happy to be home. We were greeted by a VERY excited, and whining from it, dog (she missed us terribly) and a yelly cat who didn't really care that we were home, he just wanted more food.
Now dad, well he was REALLY happy we were home. He said,"After about 30 minutes of yay, I can do whatever I want, I got super bored and just basically missed yall and the activity of having family around alot for the remainder of the days!" So he is all smiles now that we are home and Jackson was too the minute he saw his dad.

The dog loved him being home so much that she basically hasn't stopped licking his face every chance she gets...soo gross.
Earlier this evening she stood next to him and got the first realization that.......................
"Hey there are two more hands around here to pet me"
And then he pulled the hair...
I imagine this is not the first of the pulling of animal hair in our house.
I actually feel bad for Bosco and Dixie.
She was at least sweet about it though...(there were kisses involved here)
Hope all are having a fantastic week so far. In less that 48 hours it is aTm Football Kick-off and we will be there wearing maroon and hopefully not sopping wet from heat, and or rain!
WOOHOO...or I guess I should say..WHOOP!!!
Kyle field here we come!!!

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