Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So here are a few ADORABLE pictures of our Little Elephant this Halloween night.
Isnt he the cutest Elephant EVER?!!!
And a side by side: Real vs. Dress Up....who wins????
By the way, we basically were working VERY hard to get smiles...but alas, there was not many to spare. He was obviously taking his role quite seriously. I mean, really, other than Babar and that guy on Jungle whatever it is, are there ever any silly happy elephants? No I didnt think so. SO that being was a serious elephant. Channeling all National Geographic shows he might have seen in passing. Ready to defend his tribe...or..herd..whatever it is. But I will also add, his drool worked to his advantage as a play on elephant trunk water spraying, minus the spraying of drool that is, it was more well drooling down chin...well....You get the picture.
Look at those hooves (is that what they're called on an elly?)
Tomorrow, I post pictures of a conversation between Jackson and Jake caught tonight. Really funny, I mean REALLY funny. So meet me back here tomorrow evening. Oh and there will also be pictures of my adorable new neice, Tess. NO my brothers and brother in laws did not miraculously have a baby...Troy and Chels got a lab puppy! She is my new niece. YAY!!! Cannot wait to meet her.


  1. I LOVE him! That is just too cute. Cassidy wouldn't give us a smile either! I think they know something weird is going on in these weird outfits. :)

  2. Yep, you were right - cuter then the squirrel costume even! Just too adorable!