Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Day of Visiting!

Today was an awesome day for us! For starters, Taylor is off work for the rest of the week. (YEAH!!) I love having him home with Jackson and I. To be honest, I think Jackson loves it the best. He just lights up when his dad is around. The other reason(s) it was so awesome is we visited three places today and Jackson never once lost his cool. I mean dont get me wrong he got fussy a few times, but not inconsolable fussy/angry!

The first visit was a quick one over to my friend and new mom Christi's house. She has a new baby boy Asher and its crazy because he is a little bigger than Jackson was when he was born and seems SO little to me now! I cannot even remember Jackson being that small....I know he was but its so hard to think back to it. Such a cute and precious new life God gave to the Morrisons, and I am so happy for them, they are doing such a great job and hanging in there right now!

The second visit was to the GG's (Great Grandma and Grandpa) house. Boy do they love this little guy. I think no matter what I say about him if it isn't talking about how perfect he is, they dont believe me. They think he hung the moon and then some, its sweet but also a little worrisome for me.... "How on earth am I going to keep him humble"?!!!! Here are two pictures that we took of them with him today. Grandma was of course loving him and gave him his bottle and then Grandpa was cracking us up poking him and tapping him on his nose. Jackson was just looking at them both and smiling and thinking..."this is the life"!! We can't wait to go visit them again, or have them come over. They have baby-sat for me already, and to be honest they were pretty good babysitters and cheap too!!
Note: In picture with Grandma pursed lips and chipmunk cheeks mean
there is spit up to be...well spit up... Next picture with Grandpa, check
out the stain on the shirt of Jackson, Yeah totally spit up after the shot
with Great Grandma. Nice right!

The Third and last visit of our day was dinner at our friends the Friedel's. Greg, Courtney and Emma to be exact! Courtney and I are friends from college...we were D.J.'s together (Daisy and Rebel we were called) :) Court and I are like two peas in a pod we are so similar. Anyways she is 12 weeks pregnant (YEAH) and has Emma, who is almost 4. Emma might possibly be the most precious, sweet, smartest 4 year old I have ever met. She is so funny and she LOVED being Jackons little guardian tonight. Not 5 minutes after we arrived she was asking to hold him so below is there picture. Next to that is the picture of Courtney and I at my couples shower back in February. We had a great visit but had to leave sooner than we wanted because of a certain someone whose name I wont mention!!! It was his bedtime and well, we are on his schedule now! We ate a great meal Court insisted on cooking (even though she was battling through off and on nausea today), and we were sent home with yummy brownies which may or may not have been eaten on the way home:) I am counting down the weeks till we find out if the little bean in her belly is a boy or girl!

So it was a great day with friends and family and we feel blessed that our monkey hung in there and let us haul him around. What a good kiddo! Tomorrow is my birthday which I am so looking forward to, I still love birthdays I cant help it! The big 2-8! We have plans to go to Tyler to see my mom and spend the fourth with her, but my step sis Sonorah is sick and on the mend. So if she is recovered fully (right now I would say she is about 85% recovered) we will go, if not I guess we will just have dinner with friends and hang out here the fourth!

No matter what you are doing or where you are we hope you have a blessed holiday and feel as lucky as we do to live in this country. Celebrate and enjoy your time with family and friends and thank God for the life you are living!

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