Monday, July 13, 2009

A Date, Birthday Party and Church!

This weekend flew by for us. Friday night Taylor and I went on a date :) Jordan came and babysat the little guy while we enjoyed dinner and a movie..I know such a cliche for a date! It was so nice to have some one on one time with the hubby...he even brought me home flowers (BIG surprise!).
Saturday we went to celebrate Cole's First Birthday at the Petersons (check out their blog). It was the first birthday party Jackson has ever gone to and we had a great time visiting with out close friends and celebrating Cole! That cute kiddo got so many awesome gifts, funny thing though, he wanted really nothing to do with digging into his own cake, more interested in eating it off a fork in moms arms! Thanks to the Peterson's for inviting us, we loved it.
Jackson posing with Cole's Bday invitation:
Saturday after the party we were tired so we just came home and played with Jackson the rest of the day. It was nice to have a little time just relaxing together!
Sunday we went to church and had lunch at Panera afterward. I wasn't feeling very well, and Jackson was not in his best mood yesterday either. Not sure if he is just going through a growth spurt and is hungry more than usual or if he had an upset stomach or what, but he was really fussy. We were thankful when bedtime rolled around because I knew the little guy would get some much needed rest then. Today he is all better, happy and playing like crazy. Here are a few pictures I've taken recently of him, hope you enjoyed the 3 Month slide show. I cant believe how big that belly is getting!
First pair of overalls worn!
Loves his excersaucer, a little intrigued by the star fish!

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