Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth!!!

We had such an amazing weekend. It is so nice when you take your kid to his Grandparents house and you get a little of a break! AHHH so relaxed and rejuvenated now!
As most already know Friday was my birthday and when we arrived at my moms house a.k.a Grandma's she had decorated for me. It took me back to when I was younger, my mom and brothers and I always got into birthdays and we would decorate the house and then wake the birthday boy/girl up that morning with a birthday song and silly string or something else equally annoying! I haven't had a house decorated for me since I left home 10 years ago so that was a VERY nice surprise! They also bought me a "party" birthday cowboy hat. Which I felt was MUCH cuter on Jackson:
The card mom got me played a techno version of Cotton Eyed Joe and Jackson was banging on the card as it played, it was so funny we had to take a picture of it....sorry no video!
The fourth of July started off with a parade on my mom's street for the neighborhood. So we parked our lawn chairs out and watched it go by. It was such a nice morning, not too hot and Jackson enjoyed watching everything go by. Of course we couldnt take a family shot with out our other child in it! SHE really liked the parade. Especially the kids whizzing by on their bikes. Oh boy she wanted to be with those kids! She can't wait for Jackson to get a little older so she can play with him more.
Then the best part of the day was when Taylor and I went to a movie....ALONE!!!! It was our first kind of date since we have had Jackson and it was so great to get out and be a little free for a few hours! We saw Transformers 2 and if you haven't seen it yet, you have to go, its so good! The Fourth was rounded up by a nice dinner at Shogun's Japanese Grill. So yummy. Thanks Mom and James!
We had a great weekend and Jackson got so spoiled. So much so that when I took him to the YMCA this morning so I could work out, the ladies said " you know he wasn't fussy but he definitely wanted our attention while you were away." I said "Yeah, he has been with his Grandma and his pa all weekend" and the funny thing is that both ladies went "OHHHH, I see, that makes sense now!" SO Jackson obviously was given the grandparent treatment over the weekend! I felt a little bad though because his Aunt Sonorah was sick and I really didnt want her giving it to him b/c what she had had been contagious, wasn't while we were there, but still you dont want to take any chances. SO she didn't get to hold him all weekend :( sorry Aunt Nora!
Anyways, I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as we did and now that Jackson is talking (babbling) non stop, Im going to video it and put it on here. I cant help it, he is so much fun to play with and take pictures of. Jackson will be 3 months old in 3 more days!!!!

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