Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jackson is 3 Months Old today!!!

Well its official....we have made it out of the newborn phase...WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!
What a month it has been full of many changes Jackson is undergoing. To sum it up since you have already read most of his growths: he is fattening up, trying to sit up (doing crunches i say), rolled over from his tummy to his back (today actually), drooling ALOT, standing on his legs (with moderate support from someone), laughing, smiling ALOT, sleeping through the night, way more happier in his car seat and is just chilling as a three month old!
Taylor and I feel so happy and blessed to have this little man chosen for us, we ask ourselves many times "How did we get so lucky?". Gods divine plans!
If you didnt get the email for his slide show you can access it through here. Enjoy it and Ill post a video of him either babbling or rolling over soon!
Love to all,
Taylor and Lindsey
1 Month
2 Months
3 MONTHS!!!!

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