Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pete and Emotions running wild around here......

Meet our new friend Pete the Peacock.
We love him. Welcome to the Johnston's Pete. Get ready to be slobbered on by a boy named Jackson and a dog named Dixie, I think youll prefer human slobber but thats just my opinion. And if your lucky, the cat, Bosco will sniff you.

I have a plethora of mixed emotions right now. Excitement, curiosity, nervousness, anxiety, apprehension. You name it, I've got the emotion.
Why you wonder? Taylor and I are going with the Kirk's and the Peterson's to my dad's beach place. Alone. No kids. No messes. No dirty diapers. No bottles. No crying. No temper tantrums. No getting up in the early a.m. to feed. No Responsibilities. We will sleep. Eat. Play games. Go fishing. Sleep. Get out on the boat. Lay out by the pool. Sleep. Eat some more. Sleep. And think alot. Alot about someone or someones who wont be there. Am I scared about leaving mister Jackson for the first time? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Do I have any clue what it will be like sleeping in? No. Do I have any clue what it will be like to just...go...go layout with out worrying about who is going to watch him and how I shouldnt be gone longer than an hour or so. Go out to eat without worrying about how close we are to bed time. Just.....Go. Wow.
But then, in comes the guilt. Guilt at getting excited. Guilt at leaving him. Will he know Im gone, will he miss me, will he be able to sleep, will he eat well, will he...will he...will he. I guess this guilt thing comes with the territory of being a mom.
But then, in comes the excitement again. Oh boy, am I a mess. I havent cried. Yet. I will I am sure have some waterworks flowing as we are pulling out of the driveway Friday morning. You know though. I dont have one worry for the lucky folks who are taking care of him. His grandparents. THEY are so excited. Happy, looking forward to spoiling their grandbaby all weekend. I dont worry about him crying, because they wont let him get a tear out before they are satisfying his need at that moment. I trust my mom, with my whole heart. But....He's my baby. And I am leaving him for two nights and almost three whole days. Oh My. How will I do? I think that is the real problem here friends. How will I do?
I am not even taking the dog. All my snuggle buddies will be away from me except one. And boy do we need this weekend to be just us again.
How will I do?
Stay tuned :)
Im gonna miss this face.....

BUT not this one.......

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