Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Really quick I just wanted to tell you all that I added a new link to my blogs list. Its Taylormadebowtique and I love it! My cousin Vera is friends with the gal who makes all these custom monogrammed stuff and it is all so cute. Check it out and see if you can think of anyone to buy something monogrammed for! No she doesnt know me and no Im not getting anything out of this, I just think the stuff is too cute.
Thats all!
Oh and my son as my grandma likes to say "has made a liar out of me". He was AWESOME today, seems he has reevaluated his communication style and feels being sweet is far more efficient. At least he felt that way today. Geez Im such typical woman, trying to tell you what a boy is thinking. Well, some things never change I guess! Anyhoo, he was really really great today and literally had no fussing or yelling. It was nice to have a day of peace and happiness. And no I wasn't holding him all day. He played and learned independently (like my school terms?) for the most part today. I love a day like this and I could easily get used to it, but no worries, I am sure he will be back to his old tricks tomorrow!!!

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