Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Try of Cereal

Yesterday we gave Jackson his first try of cereal. Okay so technically it wasn't his very first try but it was his first try sitting in his bumbo with a spoon and bib and all of that "official" stuff! He has been eating ALOT lately (33 oz a day) AND he has been getting really hungry (including anger at not being fed fast enough) sooner than he should be, so we decided for our sanity to give cereal a try. We attempted it around 4 yesterday a few hours after he had a 7oz bottle. Now I know that I am technically supposed to give it to him right after his bottle but Taylor wanted to be part of this and he doesnt get off work till 4 and Jacksons bottle schedule ended up with him eating around 3 instead of 4 like usual....and if you think I was going to try and "hold him off" for an hour I suggest you come sit with my child who has decided that SCREAMING is now a quite efficient way to communicate. OMG! Ill talk about that in a few paragraphs. Anyways so he reacted quite like I would expect any baby to act when trying this new stuff for the first time. He was pretty indifferent to it, however wasnt into being patient so the event didnt last too long before he let us know he had had enough! Here are a few pictures from this event:
Now onto his communication style......the screaming. Now I am not talking about just a scream like you would scream if the aggies gave up a ball through an interception. No Im talking about a full out crying SCREAMING fit. So the first few times it happened (started this past weekend) Taylor and I were convinced that something was wrong and he was hurt or sick or something. So this happened when he was hungry or tired we figured out through trial and error. NOW he seems to use this screaming because it gets our attention. Truthfully how could it not at such a high decibel. I am pretty sure the neighbors can hear it. No we arent abusing him my friends. I promise. Take exhibit a for example: Yesterday we had played all morning and the fella was super duper happy smiley giggly. I set him in his bouncer so I could heaven forbid go to the bathroom and enter communication..i.e. Screaming. Oh bother. When I quickly went to rescue him from the obvious pain he was in, as soon as he saw me....smiles. Yeah, hes got my number. Crud. Any advice friends?
Cute pic huh? Had too after I just blasted him about his screaming!

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