Monday, August 31, 2009

Over the River and through the woods.....

to Grandmothers house we go!!!!

We are off to Grandmas.
and we are packed, dressed, ready and SOOO excited! (try not to gauge actual excitement from picture!)
See you in a few days with pictures of our adventures with Grandma, Pa and Aunt Nora.

By the way....I am soooo proud of myself...I made HOMEMADE Ravioli last night!!! Yep, even the pasta for the ravioli was made from scratch. Go me! It was really yummy too. I only did it bc I had leftover ricotta/spinach mixture from the chicken dinner I cooked a day or so ago.

ALSO...GO JACKSON!!! Look what you did Monday...
Anything to get closer to Pete huh?
You rolled over from your back to tummy without ANY help from me for the first time! You are just growing up soo fast, I cant believe that in a week you will be 5 months old!!

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