Monday, October 19, 2009

A Fabulous weekend of family and friends, CELEBRATING life!

Taylor, Jackson, Pastor Godfrey, and Me!
I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. My little guy was, ahhh, AMAZING! Fabulous! Sweet! Patient! WONDERFUL!!! Saturday we had a funeral to attend for my step grandmother Elizabeth. "Granny". She lived a full life in her 90 years here, and now is finally at peace and fulfilled completely living up in Heaven with her husband of many many years and of course the one and only God! How happy she must be. We here will miss her zanny and zappy spirit, her debates with us on political affairs at dinner, and most of all her love. Which she gave openly and freely. Boy did she love her grand-babies! The funeral was on Saturday afternoon with a reception afterwards and Jackson did great. He was happy and content during the service, but really just wanted to dive at the pink designs on his cousin, Isabellas dress. He was very intrigued by the paisley print...takes after his mom, its my fav print!
Sunday was his baptism and I was thinking "Oh man, he was sooo good at the funeral, I just KNOW he is gonna be off at the church service, I mean, really, what else could I expect, right?" Well I was sooo super wrong. He was SUCH a good little boy, just wanted to jump on laps, sit on laps while crinkling paper and really just be payed attention too. (duh!) During the baptism when the sprinkled the water on his head (well, it was a cross between a sprinkle and a handful) he just looked quizzically at the pastor and then was leaning back to see where the water came from. The pastor actually had to turn him to show him the bowl the water came from and Jackson just stared at it. It was too funny. It looked like he was thinking "Now where did that water come from and is it coming back...I need to be prepared here"! We attempted to get it on video but we will just say it was a user malfunction. The video camera was not charged (my bad) and the camera was being used by an unknown user who was having on/off button pressing issues. Love you mom! LOL! Here are some pictures from that day, I only got two, bc I was so super busy but a few are from Jordans camera and Chelsea is going to send me some also.
Four Generations of Love Right Here!!!
We rounded up the affair with a wonderful dinner at Johnny Carinos with MANY of our close friends and family. All the young kiddos were so well behaved and real troopers for having to wait so long for their food. Jackson crashed and slept on the bench next to me! But when he was awake he was such a great kiddo. Happy, eating, visiting. But what I love most about my precious one is that he is so patient and tolerant of being passed around person to person. He never got fussy on Saturday or Sunday being shared and I just love that!

I told him for being such a great kid this weekend we would do whatever he wanted today. Play with stacking rings, sure, play with the talking/singing puppy, you got it, be held by mom, whatever he wants he can have! He seemed to thoroughly enjoy that thought and is taking advantage of it today for sure! Hilarious.
We feel so lucky and blessed to have a group of friends who are there to support us through this walk of life and family that is always there for the important occasions showering us with love and prayers!
It was a blessed weekend, a blessed day and we are THANKFUL!!!!

On another quick note, yesterday was my 6 year wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband Taylor. I love that guy so much and cant imagine life without him. He is an amazing husband and an even more amazing father. I am one lucky gal and thank the Lord above for dropping him in my life. To sixty trillion cajillian badillian more years hun! Happy Anniversary!

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