Thursday, October 8, 2009


Two words: HOLY COW. Explanation for those two words: I cant believe it has already been 6 months. My child is now half a year old and "where did the time go" I am already asking myself. He is getting chubbier and cuter and funnier and just a-growin every day more and more. I am loving every single second (even the stressful ones) with this fellow. It is so crazy to me to think that almost exactly to the day a year ago I felt him move for the first time, and then a few weeks later he let us know his personality while we were in Mexico for vacation.
I was barely showing and tried to lay on my belly to get some sun on my back, he was SO not into that and immediately was kicking and moving around letting me know that was not okay. I laugh hard now bc that is so him. Feisty and calling the shots around here! Just a year ago I had no idea it was a boy (although the peeing on drain-o test said it was, I wasn't too sure!) and I especially had no idea how much my whole world would just change in a second and my love for this little being would just grow and grow and grow. I love being a mom, and I love my spirited child who is my buddy already. Dont worry I can be tough when I need to be ;) In 6 months my little newborn, unknown to me has developed into a happy, friendly, loud, exceptionally wonderful infant. Boy am I lucky. So before I continue to make all of you sick at your stomachs over my purging of happiness Ill get down to business!

Here are his stats from his check up today, which entailed 4 shots (Oh yes, he was VERY unhappy about that).
Weight: 19lbs 4 1/2oz (75%)
Length: 26 1/2 inches (50%)
Cheeks: Growing at a fast rate and I believe it is now off the charts since the doctor actually said today "He has to have the chubbiest cheeks of all". Um yah.
Here is what he is up to now:
~Has two bottom teeth, and the top two are coming in as we speak.
~Rolling over both ways alot, and scootching to get where he wants to go on his tummy. Funny thing though, when he flips on his tummy at night, he gets upset and has to be turned over...hmmm ;)
~Sits completely on his own for a period of time.
~Still is a jumping jumparoo.
~Loves to grab and play with his toys, mainly to bring them to his mouth!
~Had his first cold :(
~He loves to laugh and giggle, especially in the mornings and especially when he is in the spotlight. Ham much?
~Loves Loves Loves bathtime. He really likes to play and splash, which is oh so fun for mom and dad ;)
He's just an all around awesome and silly kid. I love being his momma. Now for what the next 6 months will bring, I can only guess, but you better believe I am already planning one heck of a First Birthday Party!
Normally he's really happy when having his pic taken, but this was after 4 shots :(

This weekend we are off to see Taylor's best friend Abbey and his wife Amber. They have a little one (almost 18 mos) Aiden,and we haven't met him yet because they live in North Carolina. So we are off on a airplane tomorrow (wish us luck) and we are trekking it to Myrtle Beach. Super excited and I cant wait for the massage Amber has scheduled for us on Saturday. Woohoo! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend is Jackson's Baptism, Our first trip to the zoo as a family AND Taylor and I celebrate 6 Years of marriage on Sunday! Big month here!

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