Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Great Weekend With LOTS of Love!

First of all, to all of those who participated in race for the cure...WAY TO GO!! I am definitely going to put it on my calendar for next year, I want to run and be part of such a tremendous cause. It looked like great fun and even better company.

Now on to our fabulous weekend we had! John, Olivia and Madison came down for a visit and it was F-U-N. The girls had a mostly girl day on Saturday. While the guys (including Jackson) stayed around the house watching football and jumping:
Us girls had a scrapbook party, and then we went to the Greek Festival for a little bit but were a little disappointed, we expected more than just food and drinking, but thats all it was. We were not really in the mood to just "hang out" so we left pretty quickly after arriving. We had a really yummy dinner at Alicia's (their enchiladas are to die for, seriously). Then, sadly, we watched, gulp, the Aggies, sigh, loose, tear. It was a not so uplifting end to a really uplifting and awesome day. We really thought we had a chance. As some have said, they teased us in the first, had us all thinking it was going to be on for sure. But then, well, you know the rest of the story. Next weekend we play OSU and it is ON. Bring it OSU, we will kick your booties all the way back to the rolling prairie lands you call home. I have some other fightin words bc Im all bummed and angry about our loss, but I wont indulge you in that. I will refrain and keep the thoughts in my head. (Yah right, who are we kidding, I dont keep ANYTHING in my head :))
Anyways, back to our weekend with family. So today we had a great breakfast and hung out and visited and then went to an aquarium store (John has this thing for fish tanks, dont ask, especially him, unless that is, you have an hour to spare ;)) JK! BUT we knew Jackson would love the fishies, and he did, so we all went. They had so many cool fish, and Jackson was just enthralled by them. He liked the fast fishies that swam around in a group together, and he also liked the ones that had whiskers...small form of a catfish type.
Fishy time!
Loving Aunt Livvie time
John, Olivia and Jackson
Topped the weekend off with a late lunch at Texadelphia (where they wanted to charge me $4 extra to split a cheesesteak,puh-lease. Im over it...I think) and we said our goodbyes back at the casa after that. We had such a great visit. We always do, laughing, and relaxing with family is always a super way to spend 48 hours. So that was our weekend.
Giggles with Uncle John
And dont worry, this one got attention too,
LOTS OF LOVE and attention!
On another note, I think that Jackson is getting his upper teeth in. He is acting JUST like he did when the bottom ones came in, so fingers crossed thats what it is. Just fussy at night...much to the frustration of this tired mommy. He is also flipping like a pancake again. Crazy fish.

Hope everyones weekend was swell.
I cant believe it, Jackson will be 6 months on Friday; Wow how the time flies!

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