Monday, October 5, 2009

You want what? Invitations you said?...Well then....

Check out my sis - n - laws website here. Chelsea is an amazingly creative and energetic soul who I am soooo happy to be related to now. Thanks for marrying my brother. He is super lucky to have you my friend.
ANYWAYS, I dawdle, I do, she designs many things on paper. From Invitations to Announcements to Moving Notices, but above all, they look fantastic at an even better price. Seriously, If you know ANYONE or are that SOMEONE who needs something designed for you with special touches, check her out. You will not be disappointed. I promise. On her blog, you will see a few of the VERY special things she designed for us.

So go my friends and fellow blog stalkers, explore her blog and dream up of the endless things you could order from her. I have a thing for paper goodies in the mail, so maybe you will now too. :)

By the way if any of you conflict with her designing Jackson's 1 year Birthday party invites, you will have to go through me. Yah, JUST letting you know, oh, 6 months in advance. Wink Wink. But seriously.

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