Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Gotta Feeling....

Is that not THE cutest and funniest thing? Sorry about the Blair Witch Style of videoing, he was laughing so hard at Dixie and I grabbed it and he was in my other arm so it left me improving on if I was even getting his face in the video!
I gotta feeling things are just going to get funnier...every day is better than the last :)

ANYWAYS, this has been an uneventful eventful week. Does that even make sense? I have been at home doing nothing, yet so busy I dont get all the things I need to get done, done. On the days when I wasnt at home, I was at my grandparents with my mom helping them pack for their move to their new home. Man do they have alot to do still. I gotta feeling, they may not get it all done without SERIOUS interventions... :(

We had a pumpkin patch visit and a few days later a quick dinner with the Kirks at Five Guys Burgers and Fries...YUM so here are some ADORABLE pics from both. Jackson and Jake are already getting to be buddies. Squealing and laughing at each other...we love it! Except of course when they are at the pumpkin patch and we are trying to get them to take a pic together :) I gotta feeling that THAT will never change :}
Does he not look like a little chipmunk in this picture?
I gotta feeling they will always be friends.....
Dad left us to go hunting last weekend so we sent him off in style on his birthday with a yummy breakfast out (IHOP, actually NOT that yummy) and some shoes that said kill somethin daddy! We gave him water out of our straw and he was all over that! Too funny!
And how can I not every now and then post a bath picture..OMG look at those rolls!!!
I gotta feeling, this is not the end of naked baby pictures..uh oh... :0)
This will be a super busy weekend and I cannot WAIT to unveil his Halloween outfit for all to see...stay tuned, I will post the pictures on Sunday! SOOO excited! I got a feeling that Sat night is going to be a good good night!
Be thinking Horton Hears a Who....hmmmmmm???

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