Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laughin and Learnin

So instead of a 500 page essay blog entry (thats for you Maranda ;)), I thought I would just post some videos instead if Jackson laughin and learnin! Make sure you pause the music so you can hear him.
Jackson laughing at a show he watches every now and then on TV. Its called Word World and has every thing and animal made up of the word, so he was watching a brief part on musical instruments and started dying laughing at it. Especially the puppy who tap danced. Anyways, when I recorded this it was the next morning, and he still thought it was funny but wasn't dying laughing like he had earlier. Oh well, you get the idea from the video! There are two, the beginning of it and then the end...I had to stop and delete photos bc I ran out of memory on the camera!
He added a little flair in this one!

This video is the BEST. I think my 6 1/2 month old is pretty smart if I do say so myself. We have this new toy (tree with winding ramp) that you push the animals down and spin the spinner (lack of better word) for music and animal noises. Well he hasn't figured out how to "push" the animals down the ramp, so he figured out an easier way to do it! HILARIOUS! AND he knows how to spin the spinner for music. Ahhh, what a smartie!
You didnt expect me to seriously write nothing did you? Wish us luck this weekend, dad aka honey is going hunting with the guys and I am alone with the kiddo...hmmm think Ill have to go help my grandparents pack. Not for the extra hands or anything, but bc I love them and need to help...he he he! Oh and did I mention Grandma will be there too? Again, Im going just to help and share the love! HA!

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