Monday, August 3, 2009

WE Survived!!!

SOOO, Good news and Bad news.
Good News: I had a GREAT time with my buddies down at the coast and truly didnt miss Jackson near as much as I thought I would.
Bad News: I didn't miss Jackson near as much as I thought I would!!! AND I return home to a boy who I swear grew an inch over the weekend and now talks MORE than he did (thought it wasn't possible, but with me as his mom...well, who are we kidding?). Also, he now is chronically putting his thumb in his mouth, see previous blog entry here for our thoughts on that :) I MISSED ALL THAT!!!!

Below are some pictures of the beach trip, Thanks to Lauren and Maranda for sending me most of them. We just had a great time playing dominoes, going out on the boat, eating good food and laying by the pool. Sleeping didn't come easy for me. Yes I woke up automatically at 7 a.m both mornings due to the fact that that's when my little guy gets up. So frustrating!!!
Taylor and Brian (Captain and Co-Captain)Not Shown: John (AKA "Skipper John"(MIA))
Taylor and I
Maranda and Skipper John (actually he was bumped up to First Lieutenant after an amazing recovery of the boat in shallow water, you should see him work the sand, man!) LOL!
Lauren and our Co-Captain
Us Girls (Mommies on a Mini Vacation)!!!
(This pic is so much better in black and, something about racoon eyes and one person with REALLY white skin and one person being remarkably tan) You want to be able to take us seriously ;)

Mom is supposed to send me some picture of them from this weekend so I will post those later as well. Jackson had a great time with my mom and step-dad (Pa and Grandma). He is so pooped out, has slept ALOT since Sunday. I guess they wore him out! I truly appreciate having such wonderful family to be able to get away for a weekend and not worry about him being taken care of. He spent a day with the great grandparents and half a day with his Uncle Troy and Aunt Chelsea too. They said he was so easy...soooo glad because I want them to want to have kids and they might have gotten a little gun shy if he had been a handful. So maybe the baby train isn't too far away for them:) he he he. His Great Grandma (GiGi) and Grandma put on Fantasia for him and he loved it, so I suppose I will be buying that DVD soon! But he was really good all weekend (except for a little tantrum (grandmas word not mine) Friday night) and he was cracking them up with his big smiles, laughs and squeals. And babbling of course!

Let me show you why I am happy today.....
I got my awesome burp cloths and bibs in that I ordered from Christine at Taylor Made Bowtique (see this link). She is also on my blog list down on the right. I LOVE IT!!! These 4 little things have made me sooo happy. Funny what lifts your spirits when you have a kid! So now Jackson will seriously be looking cute while he learns to eat cereal. THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!! What talent!

Meanwhile while I wait for some pictures of Jackson from the weekend (ahem..ahem..ahem mom )...take a peek at some cute pics:
We had lunch today with Pop and Uncle Troy (had to hand off a broken chair from the coast...dont ask:)) This was such a cute picture, how could I not post it?

Im also happy today because of this guy right here:
How could that face not make even the most unhappy happy?!!

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