Thursday, August 6, 2009

4 Month Check-Up

Jackson attempted surfing last night. Not so bad.....

Jackson will be 4 Months in just a few more days so we went a little early to the doctor to get the shots and check up. Let me fill you in on that and how our day started.

I wake up to a crying child at approximately 5:25 a.m.. NOT happy about that, seeing as I put him to bed a little later last night, hoping to start getting him to sleep a little later than 7 in the morning. No such luck this morning. I go in and put his Quiet Plug in (pacifier) and as I am leaving his room I realize I smell something a So I ignore it, because lets face it I am tired and will investigate it later, just wanted more sleep. YEAH RIGHT. 2 minutes later, I hear crying again, and this time its a little louder. Since Im a little more awake at this point, when I enter the room this time I smell it. The smell my friends have warned me about (the "You walk into the room and it hits you" smell). Yes, Jackson had a big ol surprise in his diaper. Too be honest, if I had that mess in my pants, I would wake up crying too. So I take him out and change him, only this time (I swear its like "If you give a mouse a cookie") he is awake now and hungry. What a doll right? So I feed him, then burp him, and he is just a laughin and cooin, and I thought I can a-put him back to bed, pray he goes back to sleep, or b-play with him at 5 freaking 30 in the morning. I choose a. Don't act all disappointed either, because you so know you would too! Now I wouldn't be so, well, frustrated, EXCEPT he finished eating at 6, and his next feeding would then be around 10, and his doctors appointment was at 9:50. So what to I feed him before apt, during or after? If you don't have kids, you may not understand the importance of scheduling and what dilemmas it can cause. It is rare to have a "perfect" feeding schedule but you aim for something better than smack dab in the middle of something else. (Yesterday I had to feed in Marshals, not the best situation there either!). Anyways, he went back to bed and made up for getting up early because he slept long enough for me to get up at 8 and take a shower and get dressed. Good kid that way!

So now to the doctors appointment. In walks our doctor (Who I LOVE, if you need a good one, call me). First thing she says is "Oh my look at those cheeks, isn't he precious". Yeah, he is storing extra food in his cheeks for winter, he isn't too sure about Taylor and I feeding him this fall I guess! Here are his results (and by the way he was fussy and squirmy for the exam because he was hungry):
Weight: 15lbs 14oz - 25.50 percentile
(this was on an empty belly, Im betting he's on avg 16lbs normally) (6lbs 10oz at birth)
Length: 25 inches long - 50 percentile
(20in at birth)
No percentile or weight on the cheeks. YET.

The shots, oh the shots. He screamed way more and way louder than his 2 month shots. Taylor asked "Did he stuck his lip out like he always does when he cries"?. I said "um no, that would require pouting, and he was just what the heck have you done to me mad", or as Maranda put it he was "someone just took away my beer half full mad". Thats kind of an inside joke, call me for the story!!! So immediately after I fed him and that semi soothed him, he however insisted on me standing up and rocking him to feed him, everyone in the office heard him when I tried to sit down. Which I attempted a few times. Big mistake. So whatever, I indulged him, he did just get shots, now this is what he is doing as I am typing this entry.

Well fed, Clean diaper and Tylenol. Ahhh, maybe I should go work out now....hmm....

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