Wednesday, August 26, 2009

These days go by so fast,

They really, really do. I cannot believe it is already Wednesday and it seemed like it was just Saturday morning! I really don't think we are even that busy, and the days still just blow past. We have had a relaxing week so far. Taylor had Monday off so we piddled around the house, had lunch with some friends, went to Lowe's to price lumber (more on that later) and made a pit stop at Target. I love it when he is home during the week. Its nice to have a buddy to hang out with during the day and run errands with. Jackson of course loves it too. I think he was a little bit of a Daddy's boy on Monday to be honest!

Jackson hasn't been upset or fussy since Sunday, I haven't been giving him cereal so I have no idea if that was it or if it was just a rare fluke that made him feisty and uncomfortable! I am going to try giving him some cereal tomorrow or Friday and we will see if he responds well to it in the aftermath! Keep you fingers crossed we don't have another upset tummy! If we do, at least I will know that that was what it was.

I caught Jackson going to town in his jumper today and got a small bit of it on the video.
Normally when he sees the camera out he stops to give you a serious look, but he didnt seem to mind it so much today! AND yes my living room has been transformed to a child's play arena. Thus brings me to the lumber pricing we did on Monday. We have decided to turn our formal living room into a playroom. The problem I have been struggling with is the fact that it is also our formal dining room too with a large and nice dining room table, buffet, and sitting area with coffee table in it. SOOOO at 11 o'clock at night this last weekend I had a creative brain wave. I figured out a way to incorporate it all but have it still look nice. We have been wanting to stain the buffet (its an old family piece) and coffee table to match the DR table, so why not build and stain some bookshelves to put on each side of the buffet, which I can then put baskets in with toys in them. We can set a small flat screen on top of the buffet (which I don't use to store my china in anyways..its empty) so they (Jackson and future children God willing) can watch videos if they want. We will also build a small bookshelf for books to sit in the middle part of the bay window in there. Im really excited about this and Taylor thinks that with his amazingness (wink wink) and the help of REALLY wonderful friends or family members (hint hint) that we can build and do it ourselves. So here we go, in uncharted building territory. Hopefully we can get it done before Christmas since all the family is coming here, and I have a feeling Jackson might get a few more toys. I am, however, keeping in mind how long it took him ( I love you honey) to get the armoire stripped and stained for Jackson's room. Yes it took an emotional meltdown on my part to light the fire for that one to get finished. The meltdown went something like this (Heavy breathing, near neurotic) : "You dont understand my need for this room to be finished before my last shower. I HAVE to have everything done so I can put the babies stuff in the just need to accept this and please get it done"( I really do not think I was that nice, but this blog is G rated and I dont quite remember the night in question...blank spots) I was 8 months preggers at this point and panicking over not being able to "nest" in Jacksons room! So wish us luck! Pray for us too, we will need it! Between my bossiness (yes I know,shocking that Im bossy huh?) and Taylor's bad habit of putting things together backwards, it will be interesting.

Enjoy these few pictures, I just love this guy so much, it is becoming a real treat to take pictures of him, in each one I just want to squeeze him!

Laughing and playing with me one morning!

Loving this rare moment on his didnt last long!

He had been sitting, and he fell. When he did, this is how he landed, right on the pillow on the mat. So he just layed there an watched the TV. It was so funny. He was quite content!

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