Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Goody!!!!

I know I said I wasn't going to update until Saturday...yeah right! This blog entry I am soooo excited about though. Over at Kelly's Corner, for the weekly "Show us your Life" its Baby Shower ideas....YAY!!!! Be sure to stop by her blog and click on one of the many other blogger links to get some more ideas.

Mainly I am excited about this because I had really great baby showers and I havent found a way to put them in the blog yet, seeing as I had already had Jackson when I started this thing that I am now obsessed with. Soooo here are some pictures and ideas from my baby showers that just sent me over the top with appreciation and love for my friends and family.
First I will start by saying this is Jackson's room. I LOVE THIS ROOM!!!
The bedding came from Baby Gap and is Baby Safari animals. So several of my showers had a "safari" like theme or touches of "safari" in them so they could give me the decorations as a added gift.

At the Bunco Shower, on each table they put recieving blankets with fun designs on them as the table cloths and put a few stuffed Safari animals on each table to go with the theme of Jacksons room. All the food was "baby". Baby Carrots, Baby Back Ribs, etc....One of the most creative gifts I recieved was a flower pot made with "onesie" flowers inside it. I loved it and Janice did an excellent job on it! What a sweet gift.
The couples shower was hosted by my best friends Maranda, Lauren, Brooke and Charlsie. Some of Taylor's and my closest friends were there to celebrate Jackson's upcoming arrival. Not only did they make fabulous lasagna (4 or 5 different types) but they ordered my favorite cake from Austin and brought it down for the occasion. YUMMY!!!
Chocolate cake with Amaretto Creme Filling and Fudge Icing...need I say more?
My best girlfriends in the whole world.
The Family Shower was hosted by My mom Diana and two Sister in laws Chelsea and Jordan. It was so full of creative, and special touches. Every thing about this shower made me feel special and loved. Here are some pictures with the details that go with it.
The entry way, with amazing flowers my mom arranged, and cake balls put in little baggies for everyone to take home with them.
This runner was made by Jordan to match the color theme of the shower.
Cake Balls: MY FAVORITE!! Chelsea made these..yummy.
Chelsea made these little blocks, painted them. On one side is scrapbook paper, and on another side is a hand painted safari animal and on another side is a letter of his name.
This is going up the stairs in my house. On the first bannister my mom tied baby toys with toole (Sp?)
At the top of the stairs Chelsea had taken baby pictures of Taylor and I and printed them sepia toned, and put them on scrapbook paper then tied them up with twine. We still have the pictures and several are on our fridge!

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at the showers and getting ideas, I know I cannot wait till some more of my friends have babies so I can now use some of these ideas for them. It makes a special and exciting time even more special when you have loved ones who go out of their way to make it a happy day for you and your little one!
Thanks to all who helped make that time in our life special to us! We love you all.

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