Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We go to get Jackson's 4 month check-up. GREAT right? Well we shall see, he gets shots :( and he will also get measured and weighed. Im REALLY looking forward to that. I cant wait to see officially how heavy he is and how long he is also. I just love that baby boy. Unless that is it turns out like most of my vet appointments where the doctor tells me that the patient has put on a lot of and then lightly tells me to have them run the stairs in the house. Jackson cant run stairs yet. No baby dieting tips either. So hopefully the doctor will say....he looks great and the expanding tummy AND HUGE cheeks are perfect, keep em growing like a good ol organic garden!
Im pretty sure he's normal by the way :)

Now for a few pictures of our other two children since I was technically shouting out to them in the vet reference!!! (Yes the vet says they are slightly on the heavy side)

This is what happens when I try to take a nice relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine.
Man I cant catch a break from these kids!!! Oh and Dixie's bone did have a bath with me as well as Bosco took the time to clean his paws in my bubbles.
This is Bosco's on the prowl positions. There were like 3 different types of birds on our patio that he oh so wanted to attack.

This little guy enjoyed a mall outing with Maranda and I today..can't you tell?
Ill leave you on this note:

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